TSM Episode 20: Spookycast

Admit it: you're scared. And you should be. BOO! Look at that: scared you again.

Produced 2011.10.30

Reetin requires a memory card, Enrei is a pony, and Caspius sleeps. Also: pretzels, gin, mustard, travel advice, hiring opportunities, pointless anecdotes, PIBS, and a return to the eclectic style with which Caspius.com veterans will be well familiar.


  1. I for one prefer the show format. Where else am I going to hear about tea recommendations? And has Caspius ever considered posting any research reports? History and literature are interesting too, ya know.

  2. The staff do have access to, amongst other things, my thesis. From what they’ve told me, they find it very boring–but they are not historians, philosophers, or literary critics, so it may simply be a matter of not participating in the sort of discourse for which they have an affinity.

  3. I’d actually like to read that, or what other essays you produce on a weekly basis; I need all the verbose critical analyses on exactly those subjects I can get. For instance, right now I’m supposed to be summarizing revisions to a Congressional education act, and it’s the opposite of interesting, but I’d appreciate some higher reading to get into the right frame of mind. Brains, like muscles, tend to atrophy without the proper exercise.

    By the way, Twining’s Ceylon Pekoe Orange is my favorite tea with milk, to relax, and their English or Irish Breakfast Tea (the hard stuff) on a busy day.

  4. You’ve only just discovered the pretzel chip and mustard combo? I hope not, it’s been something I’ve enjoyed for years.

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