TSM Episode 17: Farewell, Steve

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Produced 2011.10.09

Ladies and Gentlemen, pray silence this week as Reetin sues, Enrei doesn’t sue, and Caspius announces the death of an icon.

* * *

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  1. Good luck with the Doc program, Lusi! I have to apply this year for a Ph.D. program as well.

    Does anyone know if Odin Sphere fixed the slow-down problem with the PSN version? I think the European version fixed it, too, but the US version was painful to play at times.

    I hate the split pre-order bonus thing. I’m tempted to get the book and hope for DLC for the other two.

    That scene in Valkyria Chronicles made me bummed, too. I definitely wasn’t expecting it.

  2. The European version had framerate issues, but I wouldn’t characterise the experience as painful (I’ve played about two hours of it).

  3. It actually caused me to die during a couple of the boss battles. Normally I wouldn’t mind a little bit of framerate issues, but when it directly affects gameplay in an otherwise awesome game, it really bothers me.

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