TSM Episode 14: It’s Gr-VIII

Yes, it is the same as the slider for the playthrough.

Produced 2011.09.18

Enrei gets massive, multiplayer, and ONLINE, Deimosion relates remakes, Reetin is out for FREE, Blitzmage is better in Europe, and Caspius has a wish granted. Also, the Caspius.com Autumn playthrough of Final Fantasy VIII begins this week!

* * *

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  1. FFVIII is so terrible that puns about it are actually far less worse than it. Carry on! Lane’s favorite game (he owns five copies that he never handles while wearing pants) deserves discussion of its greatness!

  2. I distinctly remember Lane giving FFVIII a glowing review, he would become very upset whenever anyone would say something derogotory about it.

  3. It’s not the greatest game in the world but I don’t think it is the worst game in the series. the battle system, while easily abused, is very fun. I also don’t mind the story too much, at least there’s not bad voice acting like some other games.

  4. Because stocking Firaga and waiting for your summon to finish summoning is the height of entertainment in a battle system …

  5. SiliconNoob, you’re overthinking it! I most enjoy right at the very beginning of the game when you visit the Jurrasic Park that they have in Balamb Garden for some reason and find the four legged plant monsters that slowly prance across the screen, stop on one of your characters head, mount him/her, and lovingly perform sex acts with his/her face for a good 15 seconds and 12 damage! The elongated tedium of every single battle animation is a thing of elegant beauty I think all JRPGs should seek to emulate!

  6. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to play through FFVIII with you guys. I have a couple reviews I need to knock out this month. I’m also sorry for not donating, but we’re running an Extra Life team on our site. If we get to our goal, I will try to send people your way.

    A remake of FFX? Hahahahahahahaha.

    I can’t wait for Ni no Kuni to come over. It can’t get here fast enough.

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