News: Dragon Quest X Officially Unveiled, Yielding Novel, Curious and Interesting Revelations!

Dragon Quest X
Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest X initially seemed to make a lot of sense when it was revealed as a Nintendo exclusive along-side Dragon Quest IX at the height of the Wii’s popularity; yet fast-forward several years to the the twilight of the Wii, and it is doubtful whether people would even remark at Square Enix quietly canceling the project, or shifting it to a more vital platform. It came as something of a surprise then when Square Enix this week officially unveiled Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Online, thus reconfirming that Dragon Quest X on the Wii is still a thing.

Before Dragon Quest IX threw out the rulebook, the Dragon Quest series was almost as well known for its resistance to change and innovation as it was for its indulgence in excessive character grinding – to this end Dragon Quest X appears to share the spirit of its most immediate prequel, taking its predecessor’s multiplayer focus and running with it. As denoted by the game’s subtitle, Dragon Quest X has been given a new lease on life as an MMORPG – likely looking to fill the gaping hole left by Final Fantasy XIV‘s stillbirth on Square Enix’s monthly online revenues. To that end Square Enix has indicated that Dragon Quest X players are to be subject to a usage fee in addition to the cost of the game.

In another first for the series, Dragon Quest X is to be a Square Enix internal production. The game is listed as having a 2012 release for the Nintendo Wii, this version will then be joined by a Nintendo Wii U port which is set to launch in calendar year TBA.


  1. Don’t really care about this game nor the series, although its sad to see it going down hill even more

  2. Ugh. I think it will have as much success in Japan as every other DQ release, but that’s about it. I don’t plan on playing a pay-to-play MMO on the Wii and I’m a huge Dragon Quest fan.

  3. This games seems like it would lend itself poorly to an MMO, unless it stays DQ in nothing but name alone. Which is probably what would happen. I enjoyed playing 8 for an oldschool trip down RPG lane, but….I’m still not ready to do that again. Especially not in MMO form….on the Wii.

  4. I was slowly becoming a fan of this series. NO MORE.

    At least you could choose to play DQIX as a single player game.

  5. So there’s no offline free to play DQX? Or you have to pay to access whatever new stuff they’ll be adding to it/online with your friends?

    A Wii MMORPG is certainly an untapped market…and I kind of expect it to continue to be. The only plus I can see this having over DQ9 in the US is that the online component will probably at least be usable.

  6. @EP: I’m not sure. There could be an offline mode – but then I’d expect that to about as enjoyable as the offline mode in Phantasy Star Online …

  7. OK, so according to SE you will not be able to play past the first couple of hours without taking it online, and you cannot take it online without paying usage fees …

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