News: Nintendo’s 3DS Fortunes Suck a Little Less over June, July

Aqua Blue 3DS
Aqua Blue 3DS

Nintendo may be taking the long walk of shame at present over their 3DS performance in the West, yet they seem to have turned a corner in their domestic market, with their multiply dimensioned handheld narrowly beating out Sony’s aging PSP hardware over the months of June and July – before the August price-cut had taken effect.

The month of June saw Nintendo’s 3DS outsell Sony’s PSP by a magnitude of bugger-all, 120,560 units to Sony’s 117,745 – while July saw the 3DS outpace the PSP by a similar margin, 148,054 units to Sony’s 146,308. Understandably this piece of happy news has led to Nintendo enthusiasts (or at least those of them not preoccupied in their role as 3DS Ambassadors) to hail the tidings as proof positive of the 3DS’ rude health. Nintendo’s 3DS can probably look forward to outselling Sony’s PSP by a more comfortable margin over the month of August, as the price-cut takes effect – though Nintendo certainly have their work cut out for them if they plan on passing the total sales accrued by the PSP during its five years on the market.


  1. You know, when someone drops a ball as hard as the 3DS was dropped, sometimes that ball bounces up a bit when it hits the ground.

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