News: From Dust – More Fantastic DRM From Ubisoft!

From Dust Cover
From Dust Cover

Ubisoft have done it again! Everybody’s favourite Frenchies return this week with some fantastic new DRM to wow the masses! Despite assurances on the Ubisoft forums that the PC version of From Dust would only require a one-time online activation before functioning in offline mode, it nevertheless turns out that the game requires that players login to Ubisoft servers each time, and maintain a constant Internet connection in order to function! This requirement cannot be sidestepped by purchasing the game from Steam and attempting to launch it in offline mode.

Somewhat bizarrely, the forum message assuaging DRM fears temporarily vanished from the From Dust thread in the wake of the game’s release, only to reappear some time later once its vanishing act had been widely remarked upon. Ubisoft’s ramshackle approach to DRM for their troubled God Sim is at least keeping in line with their overall approach to the porting process, with the game locked at 30fps, and nary a sceric of antialising to be found! Worse still, there are wide ranging reports of menu screens failing to load, and Ubisoft’s own server logins causing game freezes. Ubisoft has offered no explanation for either the port or the online requirement.


  1. Ahoy, me mateys! The unsavory types who don’t pay for their shitty god sims/console ports tell me that this DRM be smited verily already.

    So, congratulations, Ubisoft! You’ve once again provided your paying customers with a piss poor experience (I assume) for their gaming buck! Sure showed those pirates though what with their having to apply a crack to play your game though! Stymied them for literally dozens of milliseconds of file copy operations!

    Now go crap out our semi-annual Assassin’s Creed game, please!

  2. I find it utterly hilarious that Ubisoft thinks that pirates would even want to play such a shitty port of this mediocre game.

  3. Once again, a better gameplay experience is had when one steals the game instead of buying it. It’s like they WANT people to steal it! DRM! Digital Rights Mismanagement!

  4. You said it, Mel. Ubisoft is a lost cause ATM. Luckily they only seem to be making Assassin’s Creed games …

  5. Apparently, they’re patching this game to eliminate the DRM. And, if that weren’t enough, Steam is offering a refund for people who don’t want to wait the projected two weeks for the patch. Steam…..a refund…..yikes.

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