TSM Episode 9: Sue It Live

Ah, a heady return to the days of Jack Thompson...

Produced 2011.08.14

Reetin is conflicted whilst the entire staff launches into a veritable avalanche of litigation. Also, Caspius completes Deadly Towers, Durga Syn hopes that Peter Molyneux is invited to the podcast, and Blitzmage buys a 3DS–and suddenly, Australians!


  1. GUYS! I think this link is for last week’s podcast! I opened it only to hear lusi’s heartfelt statement from last week (and I do feel for you, Lusi). No need to thank me, I accept cash.

  2. @Mel: Thanks for noticing. I did actually forget to correct that. It’s fixed now!

  3. That was quick. Now I can get back to listening to this at work. It certainly helps the time pass.

  4. -Deadly towers is so bad. it was so horrible it not only haunted Lusi but evryone communicating with him. the game will make not only the player miserable but also all of his friends. that game is what Jack Thompson has to play when he dies and goes to hell.

    -it was interesting how FF7 handled Aerith’s death. I personally didn’t give a damn that she died. until, of course, it occurred to me that she was my main healer causing me to scream “SEPHIROOOOOOOOOTH!“. but then I saw that pretty much anyone else is a good replacement for her and I stopped caring again :/

    -starving virtual horses to death. that is fantastic.

  5. One of the disappointing things about FFVII was the absence of classes, the only indication that characters were even intended to fill certain roles is in the allocation of a few stat bonuses, and of course their limit breaks.

    The death of Aeris would be a huge FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU to anyone not invested enough in the story to appreciate the dramatic turn of events.

  6. Long time listener first time poster. I have a few questions about Valve allowing the community to make hats/items for TF2. I have done some research and I only came up with this. Only the people that won the Polycount competition are able to have there items in the store. It isn’t open to the public per say yet. Am I correct on this? I would like to see if I can make some extra cash from Mann Co.

  7. @Chris:

    Valve allows you to submit your ideas to them, and then they turn them into real in-game items.

    However, that page doesn’t mention the reimbursement process, or what is involved. It may be like you said where only the Polycount item authors received a percentage of profit.

    That said, MAP CREATORS are supported through a stamp-hat system where people can buy stamps, and the cost of those stamps goes straight to map developers. I don’t know how successful this is–it seems it is at least moderately so. I’ve seen some people who have TWO HUNDRED stamps for a single map–that’s $200 to the map developer from that one person. This is true of all the custom maps that Valve releases as part of the official stock rotation. For that to happen, though, they have to contact you and the map has to be exceptional in quality.

  8. Thank you for the quick response. Do you mind elaborate on the stamps and how they work? You buy a stamp to play on that certain map?

  9. There’s a special hat you get (for free) when you buy a map stamp on the store. The stamps are entirely optional; you can play on the maps without them. However, when you are on a map where you have stamps, the stamp-hat gets a unique effect. The more stamps you have, the more significant the effect, up to a maximum (I’m told) of twenty stamps.

    There is also a leaderboard shown when changing to a custom map which has the top ten contributors who have bought the most stamps for that map.

    The system is entirely optional, but it seems to work at least partially well. In any case, it’s a lot better than having your map put into the stock game but then receiving nothing but a line on your CV. Some cash is a nice addition to the mix!

  10. I agree and will look into making some maps! I will keep you updated if I have any luck so your team can test them out. Little money is better than no money when it comes to creating something that you like. Thanks for the chat!

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