News: Disgaea 3 Return Confirmed for the Playstation Vita

Disgaea 3 Cover
Disgaea 3 Cover

Nippon Ichi CEO Sohei Niikawa has this week confirmed the heavily rumored Disgaea 3 Return for the Playstation Vita. This lusty package is to include the full Disgaea 3 experience replete with the comprehensive suite of DLC including the four Raspberyl chapters and 49 additional BGM tracks. Moreover the game is to feature four completely new game scenarios, each one showcasing one of Disgaea 3‘s side characters as the protagonist. The additional scenarios are set after the conclusion of the main storyline, and Niikawa goes so far as to say that the final scenario is so long that it could almost count as two scenarios, so Disgaea fans will not be left wanting for content. While the release date for Disgaea 3 Return is not yet known, the same anonymous source that broke its existence also has it pegged to launch alongside the PS Vita in Japan later this year.

In addition Nippon Ichi has this week announced four new games including an action RPG from the Prinny team for an unnamed platform. The game will feature full polygonal graphics, so exciting times ahead for fans of NIS!


  1. This will be a insta-buy if it comes to the US. And with it being Disgaea, there is a pretty good chance of that happening.

  2. Even after putting a lot of time into the ps3 version, I’ll probably still pick this up. I never did get around to buying the DLC, so between that and the new scenarios there would be a lot of fresh content for me to play.

    I’d be pretty surprised if this was a Japan exclusive, especially since the first two Disgaea games have already been released on PSP. I think portable systems are a great home for SRPGs, especially favorites like this.

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