TSM Episode 5: The Contingency Plan

Look at his armour; there is a reason it looks like that. See Castlevania II for details.
This could have (and should have) been Simon Belmont.

Produced 2011.07.17

This week, Thea considers what Haunted Castle Dracula might have been, Deimosion rages against the Ubisoft Machine, Reetin prepares to interview Hideo Kojima, and Caspius still hates the 3DS. Also: Real ID Parties, Simon Belmont, and job opportunities!


  1. *hand up* Walking is good for you! It builds character!

    I know you don’t really like the 3DS, Lusi, but what if Theatrhythm comes out here?

  2. put up both hands to see Caspius walk to and through comicon dressed as Cait Sith. o/

  3. @Dan: No 3DS until there MML3 is released for it, a PKMN game, or a good castlevania title. Or any solid port of a good FF game. But considering that it smells like virtual boy, I expect to see only something more like “Mario Tennis… 2!”


    @Drach: And that’s how Drachonus got himself BANNED from Caspius.com!

  4. ach, well it was worth it. hope I win the lottery, cause I’d donate 2g’s just to make you play the whole list.

  5. You would donate more than that so we could get pictures of Caspius in a Cait Sith suit.

  6. If you’re going to do embarrassing cosplay you can’t do something where the person’s head is covered. “Oh no! I’m out in public in this chicken suit AND NO ONE KNOWS WHO I AM!!!”

    Now a Zell costume…

  7. hmm, embarassment factor… howsabout if this site reaches $3000 by the deadline, he has to dress up as Aerith kingdom hearts version. and post that as his avatar for the rest of the year as well as pics on the site. XD I’m cruel, I’m mean, I’m sadistic… well, I am part Irish.

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