TSM Episode 1: A New Beginning

It all begins here.

Download Link: Produced 2011.06.19

In this week’s episode, Biggs downloads some content, Jake 2 is released, and Caspius gives us a history lesson. Also, a Pokemon ban is overturned, Devil May Cry goes HD, and EA Origin cracks down on our abominable, persistent belief in property rights.


  1. Holy hell, I love the intro/outro music on this one. Delicious Mega Man 2 goodness.

    Also, during Jake’s segment…is that some Final Fantasy X-2 music I hear?

  2. It’s up on Monday!

    Look forward to listening to the new format podcast later.

  3. LMAO the RoboKing part was great! I always wondered what that sounded like.

  4. I mostly play RPGs and outside of Dragon Age, I don’t run into this too terribly often, but I have to agree with Lusi on the map vs. costume distinction. I think that’s why I’m ok with the way NISA handles their DLC with their more recent games. The added dungeons are usually free while the costumes and equipment cost money. The free dungeons add more gameplay experience while the equipment is a shortcut to make the game easier. I think that’s a fair trade, if you want an easier game, you pay extra.

    Indie developers pretty much HAVE to take risks to be noticed. The big companies can rely on name recognition to sell their products more than innovation, but indie developers have to make waves with novel gameplay and story in order to get noticed. Otherwise, they just get buried in the marketplace.

    I like the new format and the new music, too.

  5. I’m glad to read the positive feedback on what is only our first episode. We’ll get better in time as the presenters become more familiar with the style, too.

    @Dan: NISA and Valve have it totally right. I don’t have to pay a dime for the gamelpay experience, which is as it should be: I already bought the game. If I want to tart the characters up or be impatient, sure, charge me.

  6. The new format worked a charm! I couldn’t really focus on what Jake was saying during his segment though, because his BGM was too good! :)

  7. wtf?!? i sent a comment in both moorse code and ascii binary and it didn’t show! i thought you wanted that. =(

  8. Liking the new format, is this how you you imagined the Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast before Nate decided to derail it each week?

    On the topic of sequels, I don’t mind sequels being more of the same as long as they fix any issues that appeared in the original. I feel this is what some companies did before DLC. The differences between Shining Force 1 & 2 arn’t that great, but SF2 refined the gameplay. If SF1 had been released today, SF2 may have ended up as DLC for it.

    Also, could’nt stop laughing when my name got you side-tracked for 5 minutes. Glad you eventually decided I’m NOT a serial killer :)

  9. @DanChiSao Yeah, you make a good point about indie developers being forced into making more original titles to be noticed. That’s probably the biggest reason why, but thinking about it now I also think it might have to do with how most indie developers aren’t restrained by the business side of things. They’re just in it for the love of the game, so to speak.

    @Scott Sequels that refine and fix gameplay are nice and all, and this works for a couple of times, but eventually if all you’re doing is refining gameplay that too will get stale, of course there are ways of avoiding this, like pacing the releases years apart from each other.

    I think the biggest issue with Sequels is when we start getting them year after year. I think that nothing kills a series faster than that(Guitar Hero anyone?), and nothing screams “milking” more than that too.

  10. @RootBeerKing I agree that pacing releases is good for keeping gamers interested. Having to wait for the sequel (especially if you don’t know its coming) means you can distract yourself with other games while you wait.
    NISA has this right. The Disgaea games are not radically different, even though new mechanics are introduced with each game, but I still buy each game on day 1.

  11. Valve isn’t entirely the exception to corporate douchebaggery Left 4 Dead came out, my brother bought it, and then a sequel came out shortly thereafter. And he was plenty pissed and didn’t buy the sequel and said there were still a ton of bugs in the original with stuff like melee attacks on people standing on tables not working right.

    On the super plus side for Valve is that TF2 is according to people who have looked at registry keys among the recent list of Steam free to play games. So my super noob ass may soon be joining the official Caspius.com TF2 deathmatches. In a sad, hatless fashion, but hatlessness (new word; shit’s patented) is something I’ve sufferred from for years.

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