MAP Episode 120: The End

Every story has an end.

Download Link: Produced 2011.06.12

With a crash, a bang, and a flush, the Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast grinds to a halt amidst chaotic reporting of the E3 news. But do not fear: a new beginning awaits in The Starlight Megaphone. Stay tuned to, and remember: it goes up on Mondays!


  1. FIRST!!!!

    Because I could sense SiliconNoob crying out and a the silencing of a million voices in agony at the same time. What I’m saying is I drank a Foster’s and it tastes like pee. Why was this canned? People can pineapple and that tastes like delicious pineapply goodness.

  2. fosters- austrailiian for piss in the can after you drink real beer and we’ll sell it.let’s see… only one left of the originals is….. Caspius. hmm how to do megaphones ahoy without Caspius. have his girlfriend host?

  3. fuckking amazing. I’m probably the only listener NOT on the megaphones ahoy podcat’s 120 episode run… either I have better taste then be roped in, or the best luck ever. breast wishes on your new show “cocks vaginas and fuck jokes for 3 hours a cast”, also known as the Australian fosters comedy hour sponsored by the magic bullet hosted by a normal aka drunk siliconnoob digery-doo koalla boomerang g’day bruce, how’s bruce Taylor!

  4. @EP: Backwards, of course!

    @Drach: The Australian Foster’s Comedy Hour is the TOP-RATED Comedy Show in Australia! It’s also the only thing on Australian television.

    @Blitz: Thanks!

    @Dan: We aim to disappoint!

  5. @Drachonus Nah, only my name has been mentioned on the show, my voice has never made an appearance. I think that there was a Dan on that episode, but I think it was Deimosion.

  6. so, can the scale get Lucky Lusi up to deadly towers so we can hear him scream profanities even away from the PC’s?

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