Playthrough: The Summer of Suikoden

The Starlight Megaphone is pleased to present The Summer of Suikoden.

US Suikoden Manual

When Suikoden was released on the PlayStation, it became the first real competitor to Final Fantasy’s three-S dominion: storyline, soundtrack, system. As a big-company JRPG that had not been created by neither Square nor Enix, it existed as a new force in the world. Yet, despite innovating, Suikoden remained true to existing JRPG roots.

Suikoden has seen several releases. Initially available in Japan and North America on the PlayStation, it was released again (with its sequel) on the PlayStation Portable in Japan. A PlayStation Network release soon followed for all territories. Now available in disc form for around $20, and on PSN for around $5, Suikoden is widely-available.

The main storyline of Suikoden is roughly 20-25 hours long. Now we will be focusing on the entirety of the game. Post your comments on the storyline, the graphics, the soundtrack, and the battle system. Is the plot interesting? Is the translation hit-or-miss? Is it more like a fantasy novel than a crappy anime? Let us know in the comments below: share details about your playthrough experience, your favourite characters, and strategies that have helped you succeed.

Whilst this playthrough is ongoing, you may wish to visit SuikoSource, where you can find a 108 Stars guide. This guide is not a walkthrough, but rather merely a list of the 108 recruitable characters in the order they can be acquired.

Good luck, and don’t forget to comment on your playthrough!


  1. Wheeeeeeeeee!

    Gremio 4-eva.

    Okay okay, in all seriousness I have not started my playthrough yet, but I will get started this evening. Going to print off my list of Stars just in case. As I recall, Suik 1 is much more forgiving than Suik 2 in terms of recruitment periods, but why chance anything?

    Ugh, the reference to Suikoden 2 just reminded me of how sorely lacking Suikoden 1 is in terms of mini-games. Boo. :(

  2. @Caspius I whole heartedly agree!

    I will say that the soundtrack was very well composed. The songs did a great job at capturing the mood of traversing a multicultural country. All in all the game was very inventive despite its more standard rpg elements.

  3. The soundtrack is phenomenal. The multicultural aspect of it is, as you say, beautifully done. Every town has its own ‘feel’, thanks in large part to the soundtrack.

  4. The inventory is awful, and the game needs more save points, other than that I have been having a lot of fun with it. The battle-graphics look absolutely gorgeous, and the characters aren’t intolerable anime rejects. Also (as people have already noted) the OST is very well done, and humbles the BGM in the other Suikoden titles I have played (IV, V, and Tierkries).

  5. I’m up to the point where I must courier the rebel blueprints.

  6. Ugh, I DON’T WANT ANY OF YOUR FUCKING TEA OLD MAN; this has trap written all over it. Why even give players a “choice” if thou must?!!

  7. Robber’s Tea you say? That couldn’t possibly lead to anything bad!

  8. You should know all about ROBBER’S TEA. It is marketted as FOSTER’S abroad!

  9. What’s the problem with the inventory, by the way? There’s a party inventory and then every character has stuff they can use as well. I’ve never found it particularly aggravating. Esp. given that the party inventory is pretty substantial, and you get a storage vault, too.

  10. I don’t like how the items I pick up go into the personal inventories rather than into the party inventory. They would be easier to manage and allocate from there.

  11. I can see ‘party item’ from the item screen, but I am unable to go into it.

  12. Weren’t party items like key items?

    @SN, you just hate the inventory system because they sort of stole it from Dragon Quest! Admit it!

  13. And you’re right, the ‘party item’ window is just the key item section.

  14. The translation is the weakest part of Suikoden, especially as you near the end, where it really goes to pieces.

  15. I don’t mind it so far, it has coherence and character, with the occasional hilarious mistake (sort of reminds me of the FFVII translation in that respect), though if it becomes worse later on then I may not view it so favourably.

  16. I’m not very far into the game yet.

    I really wish they hadn’t made Ted and Futch bicker like an old married couple. It makes me like Ted less, which is really not beneficial when you consider the plot …

    I also wish that people had more backstory. Obviously I don’t expect there to be 109 stars of destiny with epic, intricate stories. But people like Pahn and Cleo who you start out with, and maybe the Generals? It would add more substance to the game, and add more weight to the plot if I -cared- about these people.

    Game is still fun all in all, though!

  17. Combat is turn based and cutscenes are unvoiced dialogue boxes…did Ginia miss the Konami logo FMV?!?

  18. I liked JRPGs better on the whole before they started using voice acted cut-scenes.

  19. i agree with Silicon, the inventory system is HORRIBLE, the save points i can deal with, besides that the first three ish hours i have played is pretty good!

  20. You guys whinge too much.

    The inventory system in Suikoden is VASTLY preferable to that in Lunar. Talk about limited!

  21. It’s a bad inventory Lusi. Worse inventories don’t make a bad inventory good.

  22. Oh btw people need to share what they call their Castle and stuff. :)

  23. I think we’re literally just supposed to play for about 7 hours and see how far we get.

    I’m like, 4 hours in and just on my way to rescue the stupid Elves from the stupid fire.

  24. Just passed the 7 hour mark somewhere immediately after the first duel.

  25. is anyone else having trouble getting the nameless urn to get Jabba?

  26. Just got past spoilers Gremios death spoilers over and am going to get the fire spears from like the beginning of the game!

  27. I just finished the game tonight. I would not say it was one of the greatest RPGs I have ever played, but it was definitely a fun experience.

  28. Just beat it right before TF2 tonight and i must say i liked the ending and how u got to see how all 108 lived out their lives

  29. Has anyone else finished the game? Saturday is the last day of the playthrough!

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