Rebecca Black News: Friday (8-bit Remix)

The video game world was shocked this week with the release of the 8-bit NES remix of Rebecca Black’s magnum (and indeed only) opus Friday! A stylistic choice rendered ironic by the fact that it was in vogue over a decade before Black was even shot from her father’s sack onto an unsuspecting public!

Black’s incisive meditation on the relative merits of front seat locomotion in relation to back seat locomotion has set tongues wagging, to say nothing of her implicit advocation for  lowering the driving age to 13!

Rebecca Black’s brave foray into the world of gaming is surely but a forerunner to more amazing things to come (that is if Anonymous don’t succeed in sending her to North Korea first)! I am sure that Caspius can barely contain his excitement at the very real prospect of playing DDR to the dulcet strains emanating from Rebecca Black’s Jew nose!

But until that happy day, remember; fun, fun, fun! Weekend, weekend!


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