MAP Episode 108: Texan Legal Wrangling

Darth Lane already has your soul. Now, he only wants your money.
Lane Haygood, Esq.

Download Link: Produced 2011.03.20

Lane visits the podcast and renders judgement on the latest news, despite Caspius’s numerous motions and objections. The long arm of Emperor Kotick can be felt in every aspect of the discussion, covering J. Bruce Thompson, The Old Republic, and more!


  1. I enjoyed the random music, it made the podcast ten times more enjoyable than it usually is.

  2. @RBK: Lane is a lawyer and I am an historian, so we are both capable of talking at length. To help alleviate this pressure on listeners, I thought some FITTING MUSIC might be selected.

  3. If there is no Nate “Bup” Liles to fill my life with joy on next week’s podcast I may have to resort to cutting to feel alive! /cry

  4. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I can already tell it’ll be a good one! Lane and musical interludes, how do you top that?!?

  5. 50 minutes of my uninterrupted ranting, followed my a round of insults for everyone.

    Also, I am a little scared, because that picture of JR doesn’t look all that dissimilar to me. ‘Cept my eyes aren’t blue.

  6. The music seemed a little loud at times, which made it difficult for me to follow what was being said. Anyway to lower it on future rants?

  7. @Lane: The resemblance is more than a little uncanny!

    @SN: It’s Lane’s THEME SONG. And was written EXPRESSLY for him.

    @Tumble: Yep, it was just a balance issue when the two streams were mixed together. The second stream needed to be normalised and then reduced, instead of just normalised (which is what is usually done). Now we know!

  8. I think Caspius is at his best in one-on-one podcasts, where he can go off into more diversions without interruptions. Music puts it over the top, but the erudite bantering is funny enough.