Review: Fart!!

Doolabs and Apple bring iPhone and iPod Touch users perhaps the best fart simulation app ever with the recent release of Fart!! on the iTunes App Store.

Fart!! is exactly what one would expect from reading its title.  Users load up the Fart!! app and simply press a button to simulate the best fart sounds the iPhone and iPod Touch can provide.  There are many different fart sounds to use, even including the infamous leg farts.  Graphically, there is not much to say as the app is pretty much just a single button the user presses to activate the various fart noises.  The app even has the ability to combine with other iPhones or iPod Touches that have already downloaded the app to create a giant fart bomb that is deafening to the ears of listeners in the nearby area.  One of the best aspects to this app is the fact that it is available in both English and Italian, something most other fart apps do not have.

Overall, Fart!! is an amazing fart simulating app.  It is simple enough for all users, yet does not lose any of its enjoyability.  The multi-app abilities and the addition of an Italian language option just make the app even more worth downloading.  What makes it even better is the fact that it is a free download.  For any user of the iPhone or iPod Touch, this is a must-have app!


  1. For this app I have bought all apple devices, although I can’t find it in the apple 2E app store :(