MAP Episode 100: Achievement Unlocked!


Download Link: Produced 2011.01.23

In a podcast described as “better than Shakespeare”, the staff and guests assemble to celebrate the completion of one hundred episodes of the Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast, replete with fart noises, horns, and a phone call to the Montok. Enjoy!


  1. Its a podcast, I can’t believe I have been speaking to Caspius for over 2 years.

  2. Good start, Nate!

    Rachael Leigh Cook as Tifa? But I actually like Rachael Leigh Cook.

    Sadly, I think I know what picture Nate linked to just by description. I hate myself.

  3. Also, was Julian too busy watching the Australian bowler try to knock down jolly old England’s wickets while the clubber spun his whirlygig into center outfield?

    Basically, it was you and the other guy saying, “can we please have an adult conversation about video games?” while Nate responded with “phhhhhhhbbbbbttttt HOOOOOOONK Duke Nukem is coming out, and not in a gay way like Oliver lulz.”

  4. Alright, now I’ve made it through the rest of the show. Can I have an different achievement for willingly coming back and finishing it in two parts instead of fleeing when I had to stop the first time?

    Molyneux is definitely out of place on that list of achievement award winners.

    Aww come on Sabin, Hikaru no Go is the most acceptable of the three on that list, but Naruto and Bleach? Why don’t you read some fine manga like Lucky Star or Yubisaki Milk Tea? ;)

    Hooray Recettear!

    Congrats on making it through 100 episodes of the RPGcast!

  5. @Lane: Well, as you say, we did have some issues: notably, we could hear Nate, and consequently we couldn’t hear anyone else. Those issues are being addressed, and hopefully won’t be such a major problem in the future.

    To be honest, I’m very disappointed with this episode of the podcast. Maybe it is VERBOTEN for me to say so as the producer, but I feel that the distractions went far beyond ‘humour’, and the disrespect did not simply exceed the bounds of good taste, but instead bordered on genuine nastiness and contempt–and that is sort of attitude something I don’t want associated with this site. Jokes, yes. Serious hatred, no.

    As always, I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and assume that however offensive one is being, that it is purely for the sake of humour–but this week it went too far and I think that the people targetted did not always feel like it was being done in jest. And for that, I am genuinely sorry. And I will do my best to ensure it does not happen again.

    At any rate, this is certainly our loudest podcast ever. And the most distracted and disrupted it is likely to be for a long, long time.

  6. @Lusi I’ve contemplated starting a podcast myself, but after listening to many episodes of this one, I would fear for my sanity if I tried. My condolences for having to edit 100 episodes.

    That being said, if you’re ever short on panelists, if I’m free, I’d try to fill a seat for you.

  7. Also, I hope that’s the botulism talking, because it was very hard not to crack up at my desk at work. I contemplated shutting the door. It was funny. Hilariously over the top, in poor taste, and more than mildly offensive to everyone, but for all that entertaining and somewhat insightful.

  8. @Lane: Just frustration at some jokes I felt were taken too far, and consequently taken badly by those at whom they were aimed.

    Also the distractions. Too many.

    But I won’t deny that the podcast itself was pretty funny. There were just a few places where it was too much.

  9. @Lusi & Lane I agree that it was pretty funny. I was listening to it at work, and my coworker kept looking over when I laughed. Though my ears do still ring a bit from Bup’s party favor being blown into the microphone. :)

  10. This podcast has taken me to a whole new level of intellect, the combined might of Master Caspius, Darth Lane and the Whimsical Bard that is Sabin1001 have forced me to forgo the grand stupidity of the current culture- OH LOOK A NEW FART APP HAS BEEN RELEASED!!!!

  11. Congratulations on Episode 100!

    Hi Heather!

    I count Ethan living with Ethan as the pinnacle in his pursuit of the highest homosexualism! It’s almost paradoxically awesome!

    I think Nathaniel Liles Esq. says what we’re all thinking! I have no idea what we’re all thinking.

    Good episode despite Chris Private Parts being on it. You should have made him re-sing the FFVI Opera Scene since the music in the episode was from FFVI.

    Oliver “Shrimp Coat” Montok should be ashamed to have missed this episode.

  12. @EvilPaul: The Opera Song is yesterday’s news, I think we need to get Cris to sing Real Emotion!

  13. haha, wow, so I just listened to this today and I’m VERY glad I recently got a more quiet pair of headphones to use at work. Even on the softest volume, I had to mute it at some points to save my eardrums. I found it hilarious, but it seems like something that would have been VERY frustrating to deal with while recording, you know?

    All in all, I think everybody did an excellent job on the episode, though, and Chris was a great guest-host. I look forward to hearing him again on episode 150, since he seems to drop by every 50 episodes on the nose!

    But congrats to everybody on Episode 100, and heres to 100 more episodes to come!

  14. Also, I think “Culturecast with Lane and Lusi” would be an excellent idea for a side-podcast :D

  15. I think we might just have more MAPs where Lane and I do a duo. We’ve had me with everyone else as a duo, so why not him and I?

    Chris was a great guest-host, and I’m very thankful for him taking time out of his schedule to play around with us for our fiftieth!

  16. Congrats on EP 100! I actually started listening to this podcast a few months ago and really enjoy it! Makes work a lot more bearable, that’s for sure. AT ANY RATE, just wanted to chime in and let you all know how entertaining and funny the show is. 100 episodes is a milestone, cheers to 100 more!

  17. @Slayde: I’m always surprised pleased when I find out we have new listeners!

    Tell your friends! Or, on second thought, tell your enemies!

  18. I really enjoyed the philosophy/opera/literature discussions with Lane as well. I know it was supposed to be a VG podcast, but that was very refreshing. I feel like I need wine and cheese now.

  19. Congrats for reaching the 100th podcast. It was great fun, although I couldn’t help feeling Chris is too wholesome for MAP.

    I stopped listening to RPGCast a long time ago but I’ll be sure to listen once Nate guest stars. It will definitely happen, it’s just a matter of when.

    “Hi Heather” will soon reach meme status. That’s another achievement unlocked right there.

    Why was Ginia so angry throughout the podcast? I can only asume she was out of bacon and maple syrup, or maybe its the whole downloading cap thing in Canada.

    There should be a Lane intermission in every podcast. Speaking of Lane, I haven’t heard him say “Objection!”, “Hold it!” or “Take that!” even once. I’m beginning to doubt he’s a real lawyer.

    Fun stuff guys, I would tell my friends about the podcast but one dude I sent the link for ep 85 to stopped talking to me shortly after that.

  20. – I thought Chris handled Nate’s own peculiar brand of brilliance as well as anyone conceivably could.

    – Ginia was suffering from a potato deficiency (and probably her lady’s period).

    – Lane’s absence from regular podcasting has nothing to do with our lack of desire to speak and hear from him, and everything to do with his busy life as a faux barrister, which often precludes him from the podcast.

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