MAP Episode 98: Gilbert Gottfried’s Genitals

Yes, the picture is disturbing, but like all of Nate's pictures, the question we should really be asking is, ''What were you looking for that ended with you finding that?''
You ain't never had a friend like me!

Download Link: Produced 2011.01.09

Nate and Biggs return and the podcast is like an out-of-control mine cart ride: soon it is off the rails and improbably crashes straight into Gilbert Gottfried’s genitals, becoming one of those episodes which Caspius hopes he will never have to explain.


  1. The chaos sustains me.

    Btw I’ll pay big $$$ for the Australian version of Chrono Trigger. No doubt the entire Millennial Fair is sponsored by Fosters. Which would make sense since there was no way Gato is sober and no way that’s Soda you’re chugging down as fast as you can.

  2. That was a fantastic opening to the show. Glad to hear NATE LILES back and in top form.

    I was not particularly impressed with Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! regardless of how much fun the title makes it sound.

    Jane Austen is an idiot.

    If I understood the deal correctly, you need all 3 to unlock Zoroark in Pokemon Master and Slave. I’ll be glad to be wrong about that, though.

    I thought that “Masters in Dick Examining” was what you were going back to school for, Lusi.

  3. Was listening to the podcast with my baby sister, and when Bup made those tone like noises my baby sister went “Choo choo!” like a train. Just thought I’d let you know.

  4. We have an audience comprised entirely of Otaku and Lolis, what could possibly go wrong?

  5. I’d just like to point out that MAP is now the #1 google result for “gilbert gottfried’s genitals”. You must be so proud!

    Great to has the full podcast cast back in form, though :D. Hilarious stuff, all around.

  6. Oh yeah, and thanks again for the free hat! TF2 really is a ton of fun and I recommend everybody try it out!

  7. I anticipate that we will be inundated with Gilbert Gottfried fans any day now, once again our core audience expands as we look to grow the podcast. :)

  8. I suspect we’ll end up not with fans of Gilbert Gottfried, but with fans of his genitals.

    Surely a most auspicious outcome.

  9. Yay! A return to form! I’ve missed NATE LILES.
    Also, the lack of Poke giveaways in Britain makes me disappoint.

  10. @Lusi: you know NATE LILES is the best mascot you could ever have. And will there be another poke hunt this year?
    @DCS: That would be awesome :D Do you know which ones are available? I don’t need Suicune, but Raikou or Entei would be much appreciated! Let me know what you want to trade in return :)

  11. @KJJ The current promotion is that they are doing a different shiny one every two weeks. The first one was Raikou, next week is Entei and then two weeks later is suicune, I think.

    I don’t have my game on me right now, I’ll check and see what I need.

  12. I’m a bit cheesed that I missed out on Raikou, and I hope that I don’t need ALL THREE to get the big fight in B/W.

    @Dan: Do you know the particulars? I’d be appreciative to have someone clear up any confusion.

  13. @Lusi It’s kind of ambiguous and there are conflicting reports. Kotaku said one, Serebii is unclear but makes it sound like 3, same with Bulbapedia, and one of my friends who wrote up an article on it said 3. It wouldn’t surprise me if it were all 3.

  14. If it were just one, it would be a bit easy. Maybe its like the regi pokemon in diamond and pearl?