MAP Episode 91: Vanillecast

This may be the most awesome thing I have ever seen. No, wait. It is. It is the most awesome thing I have ever seen. Stunning and beautiful.

Download Link: Produced 2010.11.14

It’s not all smiles and sunshine when Caspius and SiliconNooB evaluate the fate of PC Gaming, the large corporate model of console game development, and the Global Activision Media Empire. And Final Fantasy XIV watch continues! Let’s see some fireworks!


  1. -While I respect the majority of Caspius’s opinions on gaming and agree with a lot of them, I cannot fathom his love for Vanille… wait… nope, cant do it.

    -My brother who is fairly new to gaming was buying one of those ridiculously overpriced map packs the other day. I was like “what the fuck are you doing!?” and he looked at as if I was a weird old man and he was doing the most natural thing in the world. This generation of gaming pisses me off.


    -I honestly don’t see Oliver coming back to this podcast… ever. He just doesn’t seem to want to.

    -I blame everything that has gone wrong with SE on Wada, that guy is the biggest ass ever.


  2. “While I respect the majority of Caspius’s opinions on gaming and agree with a lot of them, I cannot fathom his love for Vanille… wait… nope, cant do it.”

    -You and me both, Epyon.

    “This generation of gaming pisses me off.”

    -You and me both, Epyon.

    “I blame everything that has gone wrong with SE on Wada, that guy is the biggest ass ever.”

    -You and me both, Epyon.

    -What an agreeable post.

  3. Hooray! Fable Week is over!

    I really wish FFXIV was good, but at this point, no amount of change will make it better than Hyperdimension Neptunia.

    It’s not just Atlus and Nippon Ichi that isn’t farming out to the west, what about Gust, Level-5, tri-Crescendo, Idea Factory/Compile Heart and umm…that might be all I can think of.

    Phone authentication each play? That’s effing retarded.

    I am less that excited about that DDR playlist, I guess I can cross that off my list of games to buy.

    I agree with what you said about Pulse in FFXIII, I think part of the reason I reviewed it so much higher than some others is the fact that I spent so much time running around Pulse.

  4. Christ, I just got to work and saw that I mutilated some English in that post. That’s what I get for listening and responding to the podcast right when I get up.

    “…Atlus and and NIS *aren’t*…”

    “…less *than* excited…”

  5. Again: Pulse. And a great battle system.

    And btw, the podcast picture makes the best case for Caspius’s defence of Vanille. Hot City!

  6. There’s no comparison between the two, the cosplayer is cute as fuck, while Vanille is merely adequate … Or are you just looking at their hair and clothing?

  7. My eyesight is 20/20. One girl (the cosplayer) is smoking hot and cute as a button, while the other (Vanille) is adequately attractive, but unremarkable.

  8. Hrm, I’d say they look very, very similar. The cosplayer IS more attractive, but the differences are not huge. The difference is that it can be safely assumed that the cosplayer is far less annoying when she speaks.

  9. – Yeah, I found Vanille just as annoying as most, especially for the first 1/2 of the game, but I never had a particular problem with her look. Mostly it was the fact that every time she said anything I just wanted to slap her. After I got used to the voice, I realized it wasn’t even what annoyed me most. It was just that I didn’t like the character. I became less infuriated with her towards the end of the game, but it’s unclear whether this was because she got better or I just became more numb than a showering eskimo’s junk.

    Also, I really do like FFXIII when it’s not a tunnel run. It really is where the game shines. The worst part, in my opinion, is that you’re so restricted (leveling-wise) until AFTER THE BLOODY GAME FINISHES! As I’ve always said, it’s a fun game marred by some really stupid design decisions. That and an unremarkable story. But at least there wasn’t any singing! Also, it’s still much better than XIV!

    – One of the best parts about Halo, IMO, is the forge system. I recently a bunch of community-made remakes of old maps that are simply fantastic. Also, it gives me an advantage against the people at work, since I know the old maps and they don’t! Take that, jerks!

    – I was listening to this with headphones on the train. When Caspius starts recording Oliver’s voicemail, my girlfriend looked over and asked why the podcast I was listening to was being attacked by bees.

    – I had other things to say about this podcast, but I forgot them all. That’s what I get for listening to it on the train without any writing implements handy. If you wouldn’t mind transcribing the podcast in it’s entirety here, I’m sure some of the aspects would jog my memory.

  10. Oh, I don’t have a problem with Vanille’s looks, I’m just not blown away by them to the extent that I am by this cosplayer.

  11. That is perhaps one of the best things that can be said about FFXIII: there is no singing.

    FFX-2, however…


  12. X-2 was at least…well, it was fun to play as long as nobody sees you.

    And yeah I hate the $15 map pack mentality of today’s gamers as well. (P.S. Get the hell off my lawn!)

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