MAP Episode 89: Let’s Take a Dump on Micro$oft

A distant relation of Oliver Motok, we are certain.
Kudo Tsunoda

Download Link: Produced 2010.10.31

Lusi and Biggs set about taking an enormous poo on Micro$oft, but it isn’t undeserved. The prophecies of Kudo Tsunoda are exposed as lies. M$ stock takes a tumble as a result. Meanwhile, Emperor Kotick grows powerful at their expense.


  1. I have Windows on my laptop and Linux on a desktop/media box. When I can get Linux to play nice with my hardware and application, I prefer it much more than even Windows 7. The problem is that not everything I want to do works in Linux, even with Wine and VirtualBox. As long as I want to play new games on my PC, I’m stuck with Windows.

    Also, good job Lusi, you killed the creator of Minky Momo. Now what are you going to do?

  2. -Once a business grows past a certain point, they become really inefficient and lack co-ordination in their operations and thinking. Microsoft is one such company. Jack of all trades, master of none.

    -For all of its epic failure, the Kinect could be the next Wii if people really are that easily led by Operah.

    -I am sick to death of lazy retail games which patch out the bugs 1-2 weeks after the game’s launch. I’m only ever likely to play most of my games through once (if that), so a patch that’s two weeks late doesn’t really do me much good. If my first time through the game was a buggy mess (Alpha Protocol I’m looking at you), then that will be my experience of the game, and it will not be a good one.

  3. – I seriously believe Microsoft’s gaming sector will go down like Sega’s did and it’ll be Nintendo vs Sony once again.
    – I don’t understand why they don’t just delay release. The bad press for that is SO much less than the bad press they’re getting now. Is it something to do with losing preorders if it’s delayed?
    – On the topic of selling all your games, Caspius, did you sell Katamari? Honestly, that’s a series that will be extremely difficult to truly ruin – unless Kinect gets ahold of it.

  4. @Kenju: Yes, after some thought. The honest answer is that after playing through all of the Katamari games, I’ve never once had the desire to replay any of them.

    They are not bad games, but once I am done, I am done. :)

  5. Every day a game is in development is a day the company making it is losing money. QA doesn’t happen until the end of the development cycle, so if deadlines are approaching rapidly QA is what suffers. Now that consoles have upgradeable firmware/OSes and HDDs consoles get to enjoy the same broken, unfinished games being released that PC gamers have enjoyed for years.

    If you don’t like that then I’d suggest not buying games immediately when they’re released (on patchable systems). You’ve probably got plenty of unfinished (or even unopened) games in your backlog you could tackle anyway. Of course, if you write for a gaming website that’s less of an option for you.

    Now I’ll go listen to the podcast!

  6. I was booked to meet Kudo this week but it got cancelled. Too bad, I could have taken questions from you guys!

    I also love the recap of my anus conversation in full detail. Lovely.

  7. @Ethos: It’s worth pointing out that words are not capable of describing the marvelous vastness of your bowels, though we did our very best to paint a picture of the portable-hole-like quality of it as a realm which is much larger on the inside than it appears on the outside.

  8. Just admit it. We are all going to lease our souls to Activision one day. The man has perfected “mass appeal” in gaming. Sure, he represents all that is faceless in endless sequels and milking every last IP to the last drop, but I’ll be damned if I don’t have fun following this particolored piper.

  9. @EvilPaul: That’s what I’ve been doing more and more recently. I’ve got more than enough games on my backlog to tide me over until whatever game I’m looking at is cheap :D. It’s very rare that I pay full price for a game these days.

    @Lusi Mr. Body Massage Machine Go!

  10. Can I get a link to that blizzcon – deodorant story? I wanna forward it to my friend who runs a small geek con in Maine.

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