MAP Episode 85: The Seven Seals

Now I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures say, as with a voice of thunder, 'Come!' -The Revelation to St. John, Chapter 6.
White, Red, Black, and Pale.

Download Link: Produced 2010.10.03

Whilst the cat’s away, the mice will play. Nate and Ginia seize control of the podcast reins to deliver this week’s summary of the latest news, hot from the presses.


  1. -If I can get a 3DS for a reasonable price, then I’ll probably get one once Snake Eater and the new Resident Evil game(provided you aren’t forced to babbysit an AI partner) are released. It will have to be region free though, because I can’t imagine that they’ll launch for a acceptable price in Australia.

    -I like Tales games Ginia.

    -I believe the opposite of everything Michael Pachter says. The man is a moron.

    -People looking to buy the Kinect don’t deserve hugs, but look forward to a flood of frivolous lawsuits from cripples suing M$!

    -I have already placed my order for Dreamcast 2! I plan to pick one up on DAY1 along with a copy of DNF at launch! :D

    -I can’t believe that this wasn’t just a half hour of NATE LILES farting!

  2. I will wait for the obligatory second version of the 3DS. It will have some superfluous improvements and prolly a price drop. There’s enough to play on the DS as it is.

    I like Tales games, I loathe Namco Bandai (America).

    Professor Layton games are a must whether you have a DS or not.

    Dreamcast 2? As likely as Shenmue 3……and I just made a thousand enemies on da wevz.

    I kept waiting for Caspius to suddenly scream “NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!” at some point of the podcast. That was dissapointing.

  3. I am still bitter about Shenmue, and all of the money I spent on bouncy balls out of those stupid in-game toy dispensers. :(

  4. That’s Mister DanJerkSao to you.

    I actually got Civ 5 in the mail today. I’m sure it will be a fantastic time sink. Thanks Caspius!

    I want to do the playthrough of FFT, but I’m not sure I have the free time right now.

    The opposing force thing is effing retarded. Of course my buddies wanted to name their Rock Band group The Taliband, so I might not be the standard opinion.

    I own Tales of Vesperia, but still haven’t played it. I’ve never played any Tales game, but I need to find the time to try one.

    I would buy a Dreamcast 2 if they had a Chu Chu Rocket sequel as a launch title. Too bad it won’t happen.

    My friend is playing Ivy the Kiwi? right now and she seems to be enjoying it.

    I plan on trying Recittear after I finish Atelier Rorona.

    Not bad work on the podcast, you two.

  5. @DCS: Civ V is a fantastic game (I did, technically speaking, buy a PC for this game). my biggest problem with it is once I start playing, I can’t stop. Also, the game’s poorly optimized at the moment, but Civ IV was the same way at launch. I’m hoping some of that will be ironed out as the game gets patched

    Also, agreed about the Taliban thing, but I also think The Taliband would be an awesome name for a band! Maybe we’re just not the type to be easily offended :f.

    @Ginia: One of my friends and I were talking about Shenmue the other day, and I’ve got to ask: what’s the big deal about that game? I played a demo of it and it seemed pretty unremarkable. The reason it came up is apparently it was something like the 4th most expensive game of all take to make. What are we missing?

    – Honestly, I can’t fault Nintendo for putting the 3DS at $300 “because people will buy it.” That’s kind of how business works. I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out at $300, they get all the early adopters, then the price drops before Christmas of next year (it’s the 1st generation iPhone all over again!)

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