MAP Episode 71: Lusi’s Shinglescast

You can FLY outside of battle!
This Plane uses the HM02 Engine!

Download Link: Produced 2010.06.27

After a week of posting absolute nonsense, the staff finally decides to really drive a nail into their Fearless Leader’s coffin. Nate Liles explodes, leaving only Australians and Canadians behind. Meanwhile, Caspius comes down with Shingles.


  1. In all seriousness, I hope it clears up soon for you. My grandfather has had a couple bouts with it.

    I enjoyed the caption on your picture, by the way.

  2. -Nate exploded. Best podcast ever.

    -The 3rd Birthday enrages me. PE2 left off with a perfectly good potential storyline for a third, but instead, ALIENS! Agent Smith! Nudity! Steaming piles of bullshit!

    -Enjoy your arm herpes!

    -I’ve come up with a solution for’s hate of waggle: pretend its a babby. All of our awful contributors will get much joy out of shaking babbys, and when it requires the Wiimote and nunchaku, its like shaking TWO babby!

  3. -Yeah but if you shake a babby it eventually dies, no such luck with the Wiimote …

  4. @Lusi – Do you have the sudden urge to eat human flesh, and find that your heart has stopped beating? You may have the Swine flu!

  5. They say the only cure for the Swine Flu is to eat an entire live pig. Have fun!
    Also, and this mught be blasphemic, but I don’t actually own the Sims 3 yet. They’re all fat! I don’t like it – maybe with about eighty mods I might play it, but if I wanted to look at ugly people all day I’d go back to school.

  6. Also thank you, everyone, for the well wishes. My arm is hurting much worse now but I hope to begin recovering in the next week or two. I appreciate the kindly thoughts!

  7. Lane has been chased from his home by hurricane Alex. But, he sent his work in early so that no matter what, his post will go up on time. What INDUSTRY!

    Also, Kenjeu, let’s trade PKMN. Want my Friend code for your pal pad?

  8. @Lusi: Apparently in the 3rd Birthday Aya’s clothes coming off is an actual game mechanic, so the more damage she takes, the more naked she will become …

  9. @Lusi, et al. If you’re looking for any PKMN you can let me know, and I might be able to help you out, too. I have pretty much all the ones available in HeartGold and Pearl.

    On a related note, the Nintendo WFC is giving away Jirachis via the Mystery Gift right now. Don’t know how long it lasts, but I got one today.

  10. @Dan: Most def. Would love to trade. Even some back and forth trades to get my Kadabra and Haunter to evolve would be good. What’s your friend code? My name is Lusi and my code is 3782 3146 6386.

    Anyone who also wants to be my PKMN friend, let me know your friend code, and add mine! (I think we have to add each other for it to work.)

  11. @Oyashiro: You’re implying Caspius has a heart, you fail.

    @SN: The more I hear about 3rd Birthday, the more I hate it. My fond memories of 1998 are all giving Square the middle finger.

    @PKMN Dorks: I will post my code up later, though all I have is Diamond and I didn’t get much further than Dialga. Yay for uselessness!

  12. I don’t think anyone still employed at SE can even remember what it was like to make games pre-merger, I’ve given up expecting Squaresoft calibre games out of SE, I’ve given up even expecting good games out of SE.

  13. @Lusi – Don’t feel alone with the shingles man, I had them a few years ago when I was 21. Doc prescribed 2 doses of 500mg Valtrex a day. Within a few days, it retreated. It was gone in less than a week.

    Interesting tidbit – everyone who has had chickenpox will get shingles. They are kept in a nerve bundle somewhere in your body. Mine was the left side of my mid torso… center of my stomach to the center of my back, about 4 inches wide. Itched and burned like crazy for a good week. You’ll get through it man

  14. @SN – You are correct… Everyone still with SE after the merger forgot what it’s like. On the other hand, we have Uematsu and Gooch who were smart and got away from the blasphemous epoch.

  15. @ Lusi: My Diamond save file is about 6 short of a complete national Pokedex, and about 60 short of owning them all. My code is 5326 9229 7429 and my name is Komaki. I’ve added you and DanChiSao – let me know if there are any trades you want, or if you fancy a trashing in battle. :)

  16. @Kenjuuuu: Added you too!

    You mean you think you can beat my L.20 Rattata with your complete collection of PKMN!? What madness!

    Srsly though, I could use some help: I have a Haunter that I want to evolve to Gengar by trading it. Anyone willing to trade me and then trade it back?


  17. Actually, Ken, can we make it about 45 minutes (so at 15:30 site time–that is, 20:30 GMT)? I need to finish supper quickly.

  18. Bit late for me, sorry – I have to go out later. Email me and we’ll rearrange.

  19. Added your name/# too, KJJ. Currently I stand at 233 in the Johto dex and 350 in the national. I have a couple legendaries to catch still, and I’m playing catchup with all the Ruby/Sapphire era pokemon.

  20. Will be at Castle Caspius to record the next podcast today, if anyone wants to trade my Haunter from and then back to me.

    Also, I would *love* to have a Stunky. Award for the first person to bring me one!

  21. Added you, DCH. Do you by any chance have a spare Latios or Groudon kicking around? I’m so close to a completed pokedex, but I don’t have Ruby, and I’m really lazy with HeartGold.
    And you can tell everyone else is so interested in our Poketalk.

  22. @KJJ Haha, unfortunately, I don’t have a Groudon or Latios yet, either. I just bought a copy of ruby online and I’ll be trying to catch up on all those once it comes in.

    @Lusi, I have one so I can breed you one when I get home from work if you still need it.

  23. @Dan: Yes, please!

    @Ken: Missed you tonight! I saw you in the game, but when I tried to talk to you, you disappeared!

  24. I have your Stunky. I just have to go pick up a friend and drive him somewhere. Hopefully I won’t be back too late and I can get that to you. I can do a tradeback of your haunter if you want, too.

  25. Woooohoooo!
    I’ll be out the rest of the night without wi-fi, but will be around all evening tomorrow!

  26. Crap. I never saw your message. I was gone all day yesterday helping someone move, came home and passed out. I will be home until early afternoon Eastern time today and pretty much all day tomorrow.

  27. @Dan: Around now and will be here all afternoon. In the room and awaiting ‘Trade’! Let me know if you log in and cannot see me.