MAP Episode 70: E3 2010

...the time of the year when Ethan sucks Oliver off behind a booth stocked with large-breasted women dressed as video game characters.
It's that time of the year again...

Download Link: Produced 2010.06.20

When Oliver once again fails to show up for a stay at Castle Caspius, the staff are forced to cover E3 themselves. Bup reports on Lady Gaga’s E3 showing and Biggs spends the entire podcast silently painting her tits. Don’t be a Rude Gus: listen now!

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Conversations With Bup
(Being a behind-the-scenes look at the quotidian aspects of working with Mr. Nathaniel Liles, Gentleman.)
Caspius: Did you hear that the Slim 360 doesn’t have the red LEDs? So it cannot RRoD.
Nathaniel Liles: Yes
Caspius: I think that is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. Microsoft has FINALLY FIXED the RRoD! By removing the LEDs.
Nathaniel Liles: Yes
Caspius: Did you see their press event?
Nathaniel Liles: Yes
Caspius: And?
Nathaniel Liles: Yes
Caspius: Your opinion of the M$ press event is “Yes”?
Nathaniel Liles: Yes
Caspius: …great.
Nathaniel Liles: Yes
Caspius: . . .
Nathaniel Liles: Yes
Caspius: (-.-)/
Nathaniel Liles: Yes


  1. And I’m the one who left the werebadgers review. Overlord_Leon’s another screenname I use.

  2. I’m of the firm belief that everything is a game … except for the Sims.

  3. @SN – Gad dammit Microsoft! get your shit together! I also hear it still will scratch the hell out of your discs.

  4. The Sims IS a game.

    We’ve all lost the game.

    I do not love Nate Liles!

  5. Pink Eye of Doom hehe…

    I’m not too keen on the look of the Slim 360 to be honest: its a bit too angular. =/

  6. Everything is a game, except Kid Icarus. That is a masterpiece.

    Honestly, assuming it works well, I’m probably more interested in the Kinect than the move, but that price point makes it not worth it. I think playing Child of Eden sans controller could be neat.

    I’m much more interested in the 3DS than either motion device, though.

    Breasts that taste like maple syrup and bacon? I don’t know whether to be aroused or hungry so I’ll settle for confused.

    Is Nate trying to imitate a vuvuzela near the end of the show?

  7. I am saddened that Microsoft has made a redesign and not fixed any of the problems they knew existed…Especially where I’ve been waiting on this redesign, in hopes that it would be the 360 that never breaks(or doesn’t break easily). I’ll probably still pick up a redesigned 360 regardless of the troubles, cause I’ve been wantin’ to play all those cave shooters for awhile now.

  8. @Lusi: I guess that’s why NATE always gets blown …

    @RootBeerKing: A 360 that never breaks? I’d sooner go looking for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow while riding my Unicorn!

  9. @SN – holy shit, that 360 is scary lookin o_0
    @TumbleCheck – I concur.
    @Oyashiro – yea, it does scratch the discs to hell if it gets moved. does Microsoft even know what quality control is?
    -maple syrup, bacon, and teh bewbs? nice.

  10. – In all honesty, I wouldn’t be that surprised if the new 360 is at least a bit more reliable. Compared to the original 360, they’ve reduced 2 90nm chips to a single 45nm chip (which explains the 1 fan Lusi was referring to in the pictures), and the power draw is something close to 5/8 what the originals pulled (wikipedia says 135 W compared to 205 W on the launch-date 360s). All this means less heat which, presumably, means fewer heat-related issues (which seems to be the biggest cause of RRODs). Granted, none of this addresses the disc scratching problems, which are still a HUGE oversight on MS’s part. I’m not saying the slim 360 will be as reliable as, say, a PS3, but the 360s have gradually been getting better since launch, and this is another step on that path.

    Also, looking at the comparison shots, it really doesn’t look much smaller. I’m beginning to think calling it a “slim” is being pretty generous.

  11. The only time I’ve noticed anyone’s 360 actually scratching the disc is when it is kicked over when its running. Then it absolutely fucks the disc up.

    But if that is true about them already overheating that is terrible… How long have they been on the market so far?

  12. @Berserk

    Mine ate disc 2 of MagnaCarta 2 the first time I put it in there. It wouldn’t play off the disc anymore; so, I borrowed a friend’s copy, ripped it to the hd, and then I was able to use my busted one to start up the game still. But it all happened without me jostling the system.

  13. @SN, I meant the slim 360, they only just came out a week or so ago, right? I don’t know if they are out in PAL regions yet (I’m in the UK)

    @DanChiSao: crap, that sucks. My 360 hasn’t done that before, but it has overheated a few times. In fact, it currently has RROD and is sitting in my room like an expensive brick.

  14. Yeah, they’ve only been on the market since a day after Micro$oft’s awful E3 conference.

  15. God… Reading the comments on thous sites. How the hell can people still defend MicroSoft? They must have spent more money on there brain washing department then they did in there quality assurance department.

    I can’t believe that I have more reasons to buy a Wii than a 360 right about now.

  16. @Oyashiro: I think its due to, sadly, the same topic Ginia posted a few weeks ago: even if we know something is wrong (her article was about Chinese almost-slaves), we seem to separate it from what our own wants are.

    Case in point: we reported on the Call of Duty early map pack exclusivity to the 360 for the next three years. People will lose their shit over this and call Activision and Microsoft a bunch of cock-gobbling douchebags. …But when Black Ops comes out, I’m willing to bet money that there will be more 360 copies sold than PS3, based solely on the consumer’s knowledge of the map pack exclusivity.

    And the kiss-ass comments on the various sites are the same. Because while the vast majority of people know M$ is evil, they still want their products. Even if those products have the highest rate of failure, a large number of consumers still want it.

  17. @Oyashiro: I think it’s more like the investment theory explanation to why people stay in abusive relationships. Every time the console has a meltdown they must weigh up the benefits of leaving M$ against the amount they have invested into the abusive relationship. Gamers must account for the amount they’ve spent on repeated console purchases, peripherals, games and the DLC they’ve purchased, which often prevents them from making a clean break every time the console breaks …

    People then defend the 360, because if they admitted it was a piece of junk, they would have to feel like chumps for coping this pattern of abuse.

  18. Eric J ALWAYS likes games! What’s wrong with him!?

    We have a surprise for you next week: new (proper) intro/outro music, instead of the current placeholder stuff!

  19. Poor bastards. My PS3 is like a sensual woman with great UNDERBOOBS that gives you service upon demand. You never have to worry about it being tired or having a headache. Yup, Great relationship here… Also BOOBS!

  20. @Oyashiro/SN: To be fair, fanboy retardism’s hardly limited to the 360’s camp. There are idiots on every side of the console war. I’m sure the diehard PS3 and Wii fanboys are just as adamant that their console’s the best and how dare anybody buy any other. Stupidity and the internet go hand in hand, I think we should all just sit back and laugh at the incompetent jackalopes :D.


  21. Biggs’ tits are copyrighted by and cannot legally be sold, traded, loaned, or reproduced without the site’s express written consent!

  22. @Lusi – The original PS3’s have a little flap on the front. The BOOBS are UNDER it.

  23. @Oyashiro: I have an original 60GB PS3, and you know what is under that flap? THE MEMORYSTICK DUO PORT.

  24. @Lusi – mine has boobs too, I don’t know what’s wrong with yours.

    being serious for a (brief) moment, Lusi, you have the original PS3 with hardware backwards compatibility correct? have you been havin any issues with your system? like like vector lines comin off of random and shootin into random directions? or the screen going completely black in some games? it’s slightly harder to play Miror’s Edge when all I can see is the reticle.

  25. @Breaka: Yep, I have the original launch 60GB with full HD backwards compat.

    No issues to report. It’s been pretty good so far (KNOCK ON WOOD). Only problems I have had have been with digital audio cutting out occasionally–but that is almost certainly a problem with my receiver, not the PS3, since I’ve had that problem with several audio devices over the years.

    Of course, it’s worth pointing out that I’ve never played Mirror’s Edge on my PS3 either–it’s not among the games I own (see list at right).

  26. first of all, holy shit.

    second of all, bravo.

    third of all, it seems the only PS3 game we both own is VC and I’ve never had an issue with that game.

    fourth of all, when the fuck did you get flower?

  27. @Breaka: That’s really nothing. Since last Summer, I have sold over 150 of my games, including the complete Xenosaga, Wild ARMs, and Suikoden series. This is my ‘trimmed-down’ collection.

    (I used to buy a LOT of games.)

    Ethan gifted me Flower a while back, and rec’v’d Final Fantasy I for the NES (Virtual Console version) in exchange.

  28. @Breaka: Nah, not really. I’m not really interested in replaying through any of those again. And, of course, it’s not like I can back them up just in case.

  29. Wow, what possessed you to sell the Suikoden games?! Getting rid of IV is understandable … but damn!

  30. @SN: What possessed me was the knowledge that I’m never going to play through them again. And the fact that S2 sold for $200.