MAP Episode 68: Rude Gus

Actually, if I'm honest, this is pre-rendered. We're still working on getting the actual in-game engine up to this level of quality.
An Exclusive In-Game Screenshot from Caspius's Fountain of Perpetual Disappointment

Download Link: Produced 2010.06.06

With E3 on the horizon, the news is already beginning to dry up. Luckily, The Summer of X seems sure to provoke conversation. But, when that fails, Bup, Ginia, and Biggs bring the listeners the latest news on The Sims, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber. Argh!


  1. -I expect the E3 MEGATON announcement of LFoPD breaking exclusivity!

  2. -I’m not at all interested in Infamous 2. Suckerpunch recently stated that they have completely altered Cole’s personality, to make him less gruff and more like an extreme sports star like Tony Hawk. Tubular.

    -In the world of tomorrow; SE milk their franchises, a bunch of Wiis get sold and Xbox 360s burst into flames!!!

    -It is always a genuine pleasure to hear NATE’s Lady Gaga news.

    -No one puns like Eric J!

    -Apple are going to obliterate Nintendo’s casual market dominance, they won’t really effect core gamers, but that’s not the area in which Nintendo’s recent success lies. Controls don’t matter to casuals (and waggle and tilt is naught but a virtue).

    -The Sims aren’t proper games, is this really appropriate Ginia?

    -I guess the CoD single player campaign is going to be 2 hours this time around …

    -Alpha Protocol is very fun, but there is so much wrong with it. It’s a fun, sloppily executed game. It is an Obsidian game.

    -Co-op AI absolutely destroyed RE5, that is a game that I will never finish.

    -I’m all about the Cricket! :D

  3. Yeah, Cole’s new look and personality is stupid, but there’s nothing to suggest that the gameplay will be gimped. I’m still interested. Plus, it’s not like I loved the first one for the story and characters.

  4. And therefore +100 betterness!
    And thank you Ginia for the Sims news. There is nothing I love more than information about the best game since FFX. Happy days!
    And Eric J’s Pun skills are unhuman. Rent him out at circuses.

  5. – I love how, whenever Apple wants to compare the iPhone to the DS/PSP, they bring up that graph that shows the iPhone has something like 10 times more games than the other two, even though 99.9% of the games are crap.

    – What the heck is a “Justin Bieber.”

    – I don’t mind having a separate campaign for single player and co-op. It keeps things like RE5 and Lost Planet 2 from happening.

    – 3D gives me headaches and nausea and I don’t even wear glasses!

    – Dear lord, why would anybody want 3D porn?!?

    – You could call the now playing section just “playtime.” I’m sure there will be a field day of innuendo with that :D.

    – A rude gus is the opposite of a fun gus

  6. 3D is a fad, people are stupid and like gimmicks, but it will pass.

    -a Bieber is a small child that women want to have sex with.

  7. @Darth – 3D bouncing boobs

    @SN – Another disgrace from my country. Add him to the list next to Celine and Nickelback.

  8. Wait … Canada’s responsible for Nickelback?! D:<

    I think I owe America an apology …

  9. … Or rather I would if they weren’t signed to a US label.

  10. Yeah, you didn’t know? It’s a fucking phenomenon. EVERYBODY hates them here, but they continue to sell albums. I’m fairly certain it’s all the redneck cowboys in Alberta who love them.

  11. I make a concious effort to tune out awfulness, so I’m never going to be much use at answering Nicklebcak (or Greenday) trivia. At a guess I would have said they were from the Southern US, since that’s where all the massive douches seem to reside …

  12. @Breaka: haha, it would sting less if it weren’t so true, right?

    @Ethos: I love boobs as much as the next guy, but why is having them in 3D appealing? I guess I’d say the same about HD porn, though. I don’t want that much detail in my porn :F.

    Also, in regards to Nickleback:

  13. Not saying that everyone from the south is a massive or even minor douche, just that that seems to be where all the douches are either born or migrate to …

  14. I’m from the south and I’m not a douche… They come from the west.

  15. @SN – yeah that’s… pretty fuckin accurate… fuck, I need to move…