MAP Episode 64: A Waddletwats Reunion

Of an evening, he and Ethan often play a game of 'pin the tail on the donkey', if you know what I mean.
Oliver 'Waddles' Motok

Download Link: Produced 2010.05.09

Special guests Waddles and Twats of Waddletwats return to for a reunion. Waddles is shown to be nothing more than an anthropomorphous Eeyore, and Nate does his best to provide a graphical representation of the two special guests at work.


  1. Nier Gestalt is actually the proper version, Replicant only went into production sometime after, so if anything the different versions serve to stereotype the tastes of Japanese gamers, who only want to play as teenage douches.

  2. -I want to see NATE’S pictures!

    -MGS4 is really, really horrible.

    -Yay FFX! (though if so many people dislike it, maybe we shouldn’t play it?). (I was a little bit right about Xenogears, just the wrong season)

  3. @Lusi- In that case you should play Waddles Montok: The Game.

  4. -Imagine how short FFXIII would be if you could turn off the tutorial …

    -I’m with Lusi, Nintendo aren’t competing with Sony anymore. Sony couldn’t hope to sell as many consoles, but Nintendo couldn’t hope to shift as much 3rd party software. This just indicates Nintendo’s desire to increase their focus on smaller, cheaper, casual downloadable games and apps.

  5. You know, if you all hate FFX so much, you don’t have to play it…But I definitely will be! Excitement!

    And was Nintendo ever really competing? I feel like they are to video games what someone like Hannah Montana is to music – just for the kiddies, repulses anyone with a mind? Because even if the games are good, anyone who calls themself a real gamer is probably unlikely to play them, just because of the way they are marketed, a lot like Disney music.

    And could that podcast picture be any more depressing? Really?

  6. @kenjuju – don’t complain. we might get another picture of Oliver enjoying his alone time…

    @Evilpaul – I’ve been waitin for that too, actually.

  7. The question you SHOULD be asking is; could Oliver be any more depressing? Really?

  8. Also, loving the new music for the podcast – where is it from? It’s driving me crazy, because I know it from somewhere…

  9. probably from Lunar 1. I’ve never heard the song before but I know Iwadare when I hear him.

  10. Ah, but I’ve never played Lunar…maybe it’s just something else of his? I’ll figure it out. :)

  11. – I know I’m going to regret asking, but what was the picture that Bup linked in the skype chat?

    – Boobie Mousepad!

    – I don’t think Nintendo’s so much going after Apple as Apple started going after Nintendo and Nintendo’s starting to retaliate. The entire ad campaign for the iPod recently has been about games and how awesome they are on the touch. Even if the DS is a clearly superior gaming machine, I’m sure those ads have a lot of mindshare, especially among consumers who might not know what the difference is between a DS and an iPod, who’ll just say “Well, the DS plays games, but the iPod plays games and does all this other stuff.”

    – I always laugh at the slides that Apple puts up that compare the number of games on the iPod/iPhone to the number on the DS/PSP. It’s a COMPLETELY USELESS metric, but it’s the only way to make their hardware look like a superior gaming machine, so they’ll keep using it.

    – to be fair to Nintendo, they’ve always said they were going after a completely different market with the Wii than Sony/MS were with their consoles. The only difference is now they’ve added “but we still kicked their ass” to the end of their statement (which, from a sales perspective, is entirely accurate. From a quality prospective, not so much. Wii Party? Seriously?).

    – The DSi Ware Store is horrible. The interface for PSN isn’t the best, but at least it’s easy to get to and I can find what I’m looking for without too much frustration (plus, no stupid point systems).

    – Jenifer Biggs: Official wankerymaster.

    – I wish I could get to the summer thing at Castle Caspius :f.

    @KJJ: I feel like I’ve heard the music somewhere before, too, but I think it’s probably a different version of it. I’m sure it’ll come to me as soon as I stop thinking about it, you know?

    @Lusi: Should I pick up Blazblue or wait for the sequel? I assume you, Ethos, and Breaka have the PS3 version, correct?

  12. @Darth – why did you ask, they’ll post it now?!

    -my vote is that you just go ahead and get it. it’s cheap now and Boobie Lady is worth $30. I got the PS3 version, yea.

  13. @Ken-Jew: The new Podcast music is the Star Onions’ version of Fighters of the Crystal from Final Fantasy XI. The composer is Naoshi Mizuta.

    @DG: You should get BlazBlue now and buy the sequel when it comes out at the end of July. Normally for a fighting game, I’d say wait, but the storyline is good enough that it is worth owning just to play through that with each character, considering the low price of the game.

    And yes, I have the PS3 version, as does Ethan.

    Honest to God, gaming on the iPhone sucks, and I love my iPhone to bits. It has a few good games, I won’t deny that, but these are games generally available elsewhere in VASTLY superior formats. A perfect example in FFI for the iPhone. Easily one of the most polished games on the device, but whipped clean by the PSP version which came out years ago. Real controls > Touchscreen.

  14. well, I thought I knew Iwadare when I heard him. Mizuta sounds so similar…

  15. The only decently-controlled games on the iPod are ones that were designed for the touchscreen. There’s just no way to port traditional controls to an touch interface (especially with a glass surface) and have it feel right (or at least no way that anybody’s come up with yet). Developers tried to do the same thing with the Wii when it first game out, and got similar results. Hopefully they’ll get better at some point, but I’ll probably just stick with traditional handhelds.

    Also, just picked up Blazblue off Amazon. It should be here tomorrow :D

  16. i almost bought BlazBlue , but i bought Operation Flashpoint DRagon Rising instead :(
    what a crappy game, ps2 games have better graphics.

  17. and Iphone games may suck, but sadly thats the future of handheld gaming.
    sony needs to understand this, if they realease a psp2 without touchscreen with great graphics and with dual analog sticks. it will fail miserable again and it´ll will become a “portable ilegal ps2 games emulator”.

  18. @Juan: I really hope Sony doesn’t just add a touchscreen and accelerometer to the PSP2 because it’s what the competitors are doing. Although, if move is any indication, that’s exactly what’ll happen X_X.

  19. I’d like at least one of the portables to be gimmick free …

  20. Be warned, Breaka is L.14, and his ‘nobody loses as much as me’ comment is just an invitation to get your ass kicked.

    The one thing BlazBlue needs is easier access to the tutorials. Apparently they have to be ‘unlocked’, which makes for a rather confusing situation in which one needs to have some profiency to be able to learn how to have some profiency. Alas!

    At least I am beginning to learn Tao’s moves by heart. Eventually I may actually understand the premise of the rest of the game, since I’m not certain how to block/counter, and yet most of my attacks are blocked/countered.

  21. for the record, i’m not very good at BB. seriously, i can’t combo worth a damn. Lusi’s right about the tutorial though. there was a special edition that came with an instructional DVD. you can go on youtube and watch most of it. the Dustloop forums are also very good although there is a lot of fightergamer speak. i’d gladly give some pointers in a training but i have to be able speak to you, i hate talking to the air…

  22. I wouldn’t call the DS gimmicky since it has good software that uses the touch screen. The Wii has far fewer examples to remove the “gimmick” title.

  23. Oh, and I am as bad as Caspius in Blazblue. I play as the booby ladies, and not so much because of her boobs, but I really like her staff moveset. Let’s play online soon guys!

  24. The online gaming logins of staff and guests are in the sidebar to the right, in Links. Look for “Online Gaming”.

  25. @Ethan- A gimmick is still a gimmick, even if one finds a good use for it. I actually enjoy the DS’s gimmick quite a bit, but would still like one of the handhelds to remain gimmick free.

  26. I don’t know, man. Then the analog stick is a gimmick and shoulder buttons are gimmicks. I think it gets to a point when enough good software alleviates the “gimmick” status.

    And oh good! I am on that list!
    My PSN id is on the sidebar link. I already have fans, so feel free to add!

    Post edited. We want people to click the sidebar link. -L.

  27. @Breaka: What’s your PSN handle? My copy should get in tomorrow (I love Amazon shipping!), I’ll probably be looking to give it a shot (although unlocking tutorials is very “WTF?”) Bring on the booby lady! Be warned, I may very well end up sitting around listening to the soundtrack for hours on end :D.

    Oh yeah, and how do you guys communicate while playing PSN games? I’ve got a bluetooth headset that works in theory, but I’ve never been able to actually verify that anybody on the other end can hear me. Usually I pretty much play single player games only on the PS3.

  28. Dang Blazblu over Super Street Fighter 4. Do you think you might review Blazblu: Calamity Trigger Caspius?

  29. I disagree, a gimmick is a flashy hook/exciting development etc, which is designed to bring in a very broad audience (people who may not even have previously played games). A gimmick remains a gimmick so long as it remains a selling point, it will cease to be a gimmick once it’s rendered passée. The analogue stick was just an innovation based on pre-existing hardware. I don’t think gimmicks rely on software to legitimise them, I mean could you really flat out discount the possibility that one day software will come out which uses motion controls or VR glasses productively? I’m not trying to say anything bad about the DS’s touch screen, it contributes wonderfully to the gameplay of some titles, but it is still a gimmick …

  30. @Darth – mine is Breaka666, if anyone wants to add me then feel free. I use a bluetooth headset too, though I’ve never had an issue with people not hearin me. finally, people that I actually KNOW who play a fighting game I like, it’s like Christmas!

    and it’s not a tutorial that you unlock, it’s more stuff about the story. Arc System Works went all out on the story for this game and so there’s a lot of backstory and exposition you unlock as you beat the character’s stories. they’re little shorts though, nothing like those shitty Datalogs (seriously, what were they thinking?) you’ll get the boobie lady joke when you see them. if you want to learn how to play you either have to research (see link) or have someone teach you (see me).

    I’ve never really had an issue with tutorials since I keep track of the fighting game community but I can see how that could be a bit of a turnoff. the game is great though, once you get a character or two that you like and you get your head around the system you’ll be flyin all over the place like you’ve been doin it for years, trust me.

  31. the link even says rule 34. no way in hell I’m goin near that thing.

  32. DO NOT LOOK!!!!!!!

    The tutorial I was referring to is actually called ‘tips’, and whether or not they actually teach anything remains to be seen. They are funny, though!

    SN’s definition of a gimmick works for me. Agree wholeheartedly!

  33. You need to get more quote for eyore and make sure that is all Oliver will say. Effin’ hilarious. Also, Bup should be Pooh.

  34. @Vinneh: I’ll consider it, but at the moment with FFX approaching (HA HA! HA! HAHAHA!) it seems unlikely that I will have time, and also, I am not good enough presently to get through the whole of it.

    We’ll see!

  35. I dunno, a gimmick to me doesn’t serve any function or value. The touch screen is very functional and adds value to a lot of games. Motion controls have rarely done that. And yes, if a sizable number of software titles were to come out to support and validate motion controls, I think it would drop the gimmick status.

    But like usual, SN, we’re debating semantics as we both have no issue with the DS touch screen.

    The microphone and camera, however. Gimmicks.

  36. I think your definition of a gimmick is flawed, something isn’t a gimmick one day and then suddenly not anymore because developers have found a way to use it properly, it’s a new hook or a paradigm shift and will remain so until it becomes standard, becomes obsolete, or people simply get sick of it. You are simply mistaken due to the fact that it usually carries negative connotations, but that it a very narrow view.

  37. “it’s a new hook or a paradigm shift and will remain so until it becomes standard”
    I think touch screens in portable devices are essentially standard now. iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberries, DS. That’s the reason I have a hard time calling that particular function a gimmick.
    The PSP is the black sheep, not the standard in this sense.

  38. Not so long as it’s still the primary focus of the sales pitch. The term gimmick doesn’t have to be regarded as a slight against a feature, according to Merriam-Webster Online:

    “Main Entry: 1gim·mick
    Pronunciation: ˈgi-mik
    Function: noun
    Etymology: origin unknown
    Date: 1922
    1 a : a mechanical device for secretly and dishonestly controlling gambling apparatus b : an ingenious or novel mechanical device : gadget
    2 a : an important feature that is not immediately apparent : catch b : an ingenious and usually new scheme or angle c : a trick or device used to attract business or attention
    — gim·micky -mi-kē adjective”

    It’s rather broader than you take it to mean.

  39. -Aww, poor Waddles. Growing up, everyone said I was like Eeyore. Apparently I sound like him on the phone.

    -I would rather play FFX than Xenogears, but that’s not saying a whole lot. Really, I’d just play a Blitzball game, but that’s it.

    -Luckily I’m at work right now, there’s no way I could click on that link and get away with it, even if I wanted to.

    -I got Record of Booby Mousepad last week. It looks a lot like Cross Edge with a more tactical battle system. The battle system feels a little slow, but it has some neat facets. The auto-battle option is absolutely wretched, though. I tested it out and had two people die in a battle against monsters 5 levels lower than me when I could beat them without being hit when I controlled it. Kinda disappointing.

  40. @Dan: Wretched auto-battle should be the only kind, to punish lazy people who deign not to play the game themselves!

    Glad to hear it is a solid srpg, though. I hope the sequel is also brought over!

  41. I can only approve of broken auto-battle (unless it is forced on you like in FFXIII).

  42. I wouldn’t really want to use auto-battle much, just while I’m treasure hunting an exploration zone with weak monsters. It seems to work ok against guys about 10 levels lower, but that seems to be the upper limit.

    I didn’t realize there was a sequel already in Japan. I wouldn’t mind seeing it, too. The storyline is by no means high literature, but I’m enjoying the game so far. I have the same conundrum I faced with Cross Edge. The game is fun to play for the most part, but when measured against the standard criteria (graphics, story, etc.) it makes it seem far worse than it really is.

    Did you happen to play Cross Edge, Lusi?

  43. I did play Cross Edge, and contrary to the reviews I rather enjoyed it.

    It was clear the game wasn’t meant to be taken seriously, and yet reviews criticised it for that rather often. I had fun with it, personally.