MAP Episode 59: Easter Podcast 2010

How are you gentlemen!!
What you say?

Download Link: Produced 2010.04.04

This Easter, a special triple-length podcast features one-on-one discussion with every member of the CaspiusCom staff, and includes conversations with two special guests: former staff members Oliver ‘Riddles’ Motok and Ethan ‘Ethos’ Pipher!


  1. 404s according to wget as well :f. Also, the XML doesn’t have the entry for this cast yet. Not sure what that all means.

  2. @SN: Ehh, I figure it’ll be fixed eventually. Hopefully by morning, so I can listen at work :D

  3. Sorry about that, ladies and gents. I forgor to update the feed and link yesterday. Both are active now. :)


  4. We’ll show him. We’ll make our OWN MAP episode. Who’s with me!

    (Also, welcome back KJJ :D)

  5. Either that or the planned event where we celebrate the rebirth of the Great Potato :D

  6. I make one mistake and wah wah wah!

    As Oliver can tell you, the podcast has actually been up since Friday. I just forgot, thanks to much activity on Sunday (being Easter), to ‘turn it on’ so to speak.

    We have a new system where I keep the updated RSS feed and podcast screened until Sunday night. Then, around midnight, I manually ‘flip the switch’ so to speak, and the podcast and RSS go live.

    The system is new, and with one thing and another on Sunday, I forgot.

  7. WHY IS THIS PODCAST SO FUCKING LONG?! In the time it has taken to listen to this, my hair has gone silver and my tits have officially begun scraping the floor. Thus, I retire and demand my pension!

  8. Caspius, edit Jenifer’s last sentence to say “Thus, I retire and demand my penis!”

  9. -Not being able to access the full content of my games is perverse.

    -I don’t want my games to be digital.

    -Lane’s segment was very interesting, perhaps one of the most insightful portions of MAP ever produced (along with NATE’s Lady Gaga news!).

  10. The Cloud stereotype came about when Advent Children did. Mystery solved.

  11. We all know the “Guch” was the real brains behind FFVII. Kitase was the man behind him saying “Yes sir, Very good sir.”

    Then the “Guch” left and Kitase comes out of his hole and goes “You know FFVII, Yeah… All my idea.”

  12. -@Ginia: Happy Potato Day! :D

    -Damn you Oliver, now I’m hungry for reasonably priced Pizza. What a grade-A douche!

    -When FFXII came out I beat it within six days, with about 88 hours on the clock. I’ve had XIII for almost a month now, and have 20 hours on the clock, I doubt I will ever finish it …

    -Oliver is right. The FFXIII VA is PAINFUL and AWFUL simply because of how poor the VA direction is. I have no doubt that that all involved are consummate skilled professionals (save for Vanille’s VA), but the VA direction diminishes their talents …

    -I can’t listen to Vanille for more than five minutes without despairing … I can’t listen to Panello for more than five minutes because she doesn’t have that much dialogue. Ergo Panello>Vanille.

    -I think the next step is for Wada, and Kawazu to be fired, and Toriyama to be demoted to story boarding.

    -I’ve come to terms with FFXII, I wasn’t a big fan of the story and battle system, but FFXIII really puts things into contrast.

    -What kills me is that all the characters seemed ok in the FFXIII episode zero novellas.

    -If I knew Vanille in real life I’d vomit on her.

    -There is no Ivalice without Matsuno.

    -Square Enix is a dead carcass.

    -FFXIII is not a solid RPG. No towns, no exploration, no story, no NPC interaction. That’s not an RPG, it’s just a fucking husk.

    -Don’t be shellfish!


  13. Ugh … Noob …. damn you.

    I am notoriously bad for not finishing games. And right now I am really itching to toss FFXIII and pick up either FFVI or Legend or Dragon. I want to get my “oldschool Ginia-esque RPG” on. So shuddup and stop talking about not finishing FFXIII. I do not need any encouragement or justification to abandon it.

    Sigh …

  14. Only chumps finish FFXIII, all the cool kids abandon it half way through! :P

  15. -I second Noob, no Matsuno, no Ivalice. all who don’t believe go pick up tactics advance.

    -the discussion with lane was some of the most insightful I’d heard. Lane, get on the podcast more often.

  16. @SN – OR all the cool kids let chumps play through the main game of FFXIII and then pick it up for all the awesome afterness.

  17. Lane’s section was fantastic. I wish he could be on every podcast. Or at least maybe do a similar recorded segment whenever their is legal issue in the world of video games (such as the Modern Warfare 2 lawsuit) so that we can get his thoughts on them.

  18. Lane’s knowledge in legal and philosophical matters is hard to surpass. Would that his real life were not so damned busy, we’d have him on every week!

    Nevertheless, I hope he is reading the comments and considering that the people demand more Lane!

  19. @SN: I have to finish FF13 too and I dont know when I am going to finish that game. I am in the part when you return to cocoon and what I am playing now? cross edge and is more fun to play that game for me =D .

  20. – As much as I’m enjoying XIII, I hate when people say they have to finish a game. If you’re not having fun with it, play something you’ll have fun with :D. I’ve found that nothing make you hate a game faster than forcing yourself to play through it (a lesson I learned from Lost Odyssey)

    – Eventually I’ll get a chance to actually listen to the podcast and then I’ll have something relevant to say (so far, it seems I should be looking forward to Lane’s segment). What’s normally my podcasting time has been taken up with Neverwhare on audiobook this week. I’m not too far in, but so far it’s a pretty fantastic book.

  21. @DG: Neverwhere’s better than dead things and extra teeth! (love Croup and Vandamar). I felt the protagonist was a little whiny though …

  22. Lane was pretty awesome. Why isn’t he in more podcasts? Wasn’t there supposed to be a podcast with just Lusi and Lane, and then fun banter with Ginia and Nate at the end?
    And also, Oliver’s comment about the characterisation through battle was really true – if a character has a specific part to play in a fight it does make them a better character in story, like in FFX, and I do think if a character has more freedom in their role it makes them harder to fit in the story – for example, Kimahri had a tiny little bit of the sphere grid then he could go wherever the hell he wanted, and that resulted in me never using him ever, because whatever he could do, someone else could do better,and in turn, he wasn’t a very likeable character, although that might be something to do with the fact he never spoke, too…

    Nice long comment for you there :)

  23. Lane is too busy filing frivolous lawsuits to attend MAP on a regular basis …

  24. Oh god… I googled “plane penis” to try and find that damned picture. lolis. piercings. 3D models. I threw up in my mouth a little…