MAP Episode 56: Lady Gaga Is Not News

Enquiring minds want to know.

Download Link: Produced 2010.03.14

When Nate Liles best efforts to insert strategically Lady Gaga into the podcast, Caspius brings down the hammer on him and his fellow conspirators. Final Fantasy XIII discussion makes up the balance of this episode, including guest panelist Oliver Motok!


  1. -I think Yakuza 3 looks AMAZING!

    -I like babby Chocobo too.

    -Vanille’s VA is fucking AWFUL!

    -Snow is AWFUL!!!

    -Not so keen on XIII-2 unless they change the pacing.

    -IMO X2 ruins X’s ending. X’s ending is fantastic.

  2. -Awwwwwww babby death :D

    -2k should be flogged!

    -Apparently only one of the original Lunar actors reprises their role.

  3. @NATE LILES: I really liked your Lady Gaga news, I hope that you can bring us some more Lady Gaga news next week!

  4. -I’ve seen some english seens with Vanille’s english VA. I’m with Lusi, it’s different but not bad. and yes, Snow is awful. one the one hand he acts like a ten year old and on the other he’s pedophile. don’t believe Ondore’s lies, that Serah bitch ain’t 17.

    -Bobby Nodick is a bastard. that whole “skepticism, pessimism, and fear” shit may have worked before but it sure as hell won’t last now.

    -The whole XIII-2 thing was expected. back when the first announced FNC they were bragging about how much more it cost than the FFVII Compilation.

    -I really hate when people only report the weird shit that happens in other countries, it creates a very dim view of the world.

    -Chicobo Babby XD

  5. – I really love when we only report weird shit that happens in other countries, because it makes me feel much better about my own.

    And then we report about the fuckers in my own country, and I end up hating everything.

  6. Be proud, your site is officially awesome enough to be given up for lent.

    Kenjujuu says not to panic, though she may or may not have been killed in a freak accident involving lightning and final fantasy, she’s still getting the podcast off of itunes and the news off of facebook….what part of the site she loses by giving it up for lent remains unclear.

    But yes, yay for being significant enough to be chosen over chocolate for her to give up!

    And yes, I’m still listening every week, even if I neglect to comment!

  7. @Tsuki: I was JUST today wondering what happened to Kenjujuu, considering the release of PKMN Heart/Soul, I fully expected that she had locked herself in a world-proof box to play it ten times over, ensuring in each case that she ‘caught ’em all’.

    I’m delighted to hear she considers us worthy of giving up for Lent as (being Catholic myself), I know that one is meant only to give up secondary things they properly enjoy.

    I look forward to seeing her posting again from 4 April, and I hope she is having a productive Lent. Feel free to convey our felicitations to her.

    And, we’re glad you’re still listening too, Tsukikora. Comment more often! We love to see our more taciturn readers on the comments thread, too!

  8. She has deemed me a failcake for not commenting in her absence,so I’m breaking my silence to let you all know where she’s disappeared to.

    I’m sure she’ll have ‘caught’em all’ long before me but I may have to join her in that world-proof box!

    I’m pretty sure she’ll be back to comment furiously straight away on 4th April and I’ll be sure to convey your felicitations (Is that the royal ‘we’ or are you speaking for more than yourself? :p)

    I’ll probably only comment every now and then, but you can be assured I’m far from losing interest, so I’ll still be around ^^

  9. – I’m in agreement with SN on FFX’s ending. While I don’t think that X-2’s ruined it, I did throughly enjoy the finale of FFX proper just because it was so bittersweet. I like that the game didn’t end on a completely “we won, the world is saved, and now everything’s sunshine and rose gardens yay!” note, you know? Also, having to talk to Moogle Yuna in X-2’s opening was obscenely dumb. I don’t think any game should require you to get 100% completion to see the “good” ending.

    – I watched the music video for the new (maybe? I don’t really keep up with music) song from Lady Gaga last night, I think it was Telephone. Does her wardrobe always look like it’s made out of spare pieces of the set?

    – Babby Chocobo. Qweeee!

    – It’s a good thing the podcast was released on Saturday. For some reason, all the USB ports on my computer stopped working sometime overnight between Saturday and Sunday, and then I wouldn’t have been able to get it on my iPod (well, not really)! If only I had a Zune, with its’ wireless syncing, this wouldn’t have been an issue!

    @Breaka: Agreed, fuck Daylight Savings Time. Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Serah looks 12. Snow comes across as a HUGE pedophile in some of those scenes.

    @Lusi: Yeah, people are equally stupid everywhere. Sad but true.

    @Tsukikora: All your talk of failcake is making me hungry. I was curious what happened to Kenjujuu, though, please convey the socially appropriate Lenten greetings!

  10. Talking about religious holidays, I wonder what Ginia will do to mark the passage of GREAT POTATO MONTH?

  11. @Darth: Call me a softie, but I love 100% happy endings. I play games for escapism. If I wanted reality, I’d watch the news instead. It’s easier and doesn’t require save points or party management.

    @SN: Die, hopefully.

  12. @Lusi: Oh, I love a good happy ending, too, don’t get me wrong. I guess I should probably pull back a little on my previous statement, since I like both endings, I just like X’s ending more. It was kind of a way to give both the bittersweet and 100% happy endings to the same story.

    @SN: Personally, I plan on decorating the traditional potato tree, then staying up until midnight waiting for the Great Potato to sneak into the house through the oven and leave presents for anybody who’s eaten a proper amount of starch over the past year.

  13. @Caspius- Perhaps we should have Jerry Bruckheimer re-write all of Shakespeare’s tragedies, so that everyone gets married instead of dead?