MAP Episode 54: Where’s the News?

Ginia's Boyfriend

Download Link: Produced 2010.02.28

Without decent news once again, the panel resorts to hurling slurs and epithets at each other. Obsessed with music of the 1980s, Nate Liles does his level best to seize the reins perforce using the magnificent weapon of his velveteen voice.


  1. Five stars! NATE LILES is AMAZING!!! He created the Heavens and the Earth in six days, and on the seventh day he FARTED!

  2. I don’t think I said it before, but I also love the new Pokémon theme music!
    Good cast, guys!

  3. Hmmm … Why do I get the feeling I just plagiarised someone else’s NATE worship … ?

  4. -Oliver’s the oldest?!!? How is his Mum supposed to care for seven children under the age of two?

    -LOL, SE are just lazy! I don’t recall Mistwalker having any trouble bringing out a current-gen JRPG with towns and divergent game maps.

    -The funny thing is that there are millions of people who still think they’re going to get FFVIIPS3.

    -Barret FTW!

    -Heavy Rain is brilliant! The graphics, writing and Music are just superb!

    -I don’t like FFXII either.

  5. @SN: Its Tennessee, the ‘Bible Belt’ of the U.S. Even pulling out as a method of birth control is sinful and evil and awful. If God wants you to get your sister pregnant, then its his will!

  6. Don’t worry.

    Nate and I will never make babby.

    The Great Potato expressly forbids it.

    Nate and Jenifer, however … is another story. :D

  7. The GREAT POTATO just looks to his own power, after NATE’s repeated sowing of barren fields of Motok, any further issue will be a seventh son of a seventh son, magnifying the power of the house of LILES!

  8. @SN: The Great Potato will send his prophet Ginia out across the land, spreading word of his starchy beneficence and healing sinners by baptizing them in sour cream. And lo, on the 7th day, she shall reach the house of LILES, where she will raise up the blessed babby formed of the flesh of NATE LILES and Jenifer unto his rightful place on high. Then, and only then, will the barren fields of Montok again be fertile.

    Also, I can’t remember who was talking about it on the cast, but I’m not a huge fan of FFXII, either. I really liked the gameplay mechanics for the most part, but I agree that Balthier (and Fran) were far and away the most interesting characters. Also, if I never has to see Vaan do that stupid hands-behind-his-head post again, it’ll be too soon.

  9. Wow, I just re-read my post and it is FILLED with typos. Apologies all around for that.

    @Ethos: If the comments are the podcast, then that would make the podcast the comments, in which case they really should read the comments before commenting on them, otherwise things will be really confusing!

  10. @Oyashiro – no, just shame

    I was pretty partial to Basch myself. the dynamic he had with his brother was well done though, like all aspects of the story, under done.

  11. I can only imagine that Matsuno had grander designs for XII than were able to be realized after he was forced to leave the project …

  12. @SN: That’s my take on the matter as well. The world of FFXII is broad and deep, yet the player is seldom allowed to do more than dip his toes into those waters.

  13. Yeah, and there’s too much detailed backstory for the superficial threadbare plot to make much sense when viewed along side.

  14. He did have big plans for it. I can’t remember the source but I distinctly remember hearing that he very much wanted to put massive airship battles in the game. no telling what he was planning to do with the story. -sigh- come back Matsuno, we miss you.

  15. Caspius (looks around to make sure nobody is here) Ginia is secretly seducing you little by little so she can make babby! Sadly, after babby is formed, they need to do way instain mother, and just like that- Ginia is gone…


    PS. xD