MAP Episode 53: Sexcast

'Alternatively, one can reseal the outer hull and stick the egg in ones best friends pocket.'

Download Link: Produced 2010.02.21

Series 2 gets off to a foul start when Oliver and Ethan join from their Canadian love nest. Descriptions of sexual misadventures follow until Nate Liles, overcome with revulsion, loses his tenuous grip on reality and believes himself to be Lady Gaga.


  1. Sexcast? What could have been done/said beyond the debauchery of past podcasts truly frightens me.

    Guess I’ll find out soon enough.

  2. I LOVE THE NEW OPENING MUSIC!!!!! Kenjujuu sent out PIKACHU! It’s so reminiscent… :)

  3. That’s the second compliment I’ve had on the Series 2 music so far, and it’s been up for just over half a day.

    I’m glad people like it. And I hope you still like it in another fifty weeks or so!

  4. @ Caspius: LOVE. It’s like the days of my youth. I miss PKMN Gold. The internal battery died so I can’t really play my GBC cartridge anymore. MUST HAVE THIS GAME.

  5. @Caspius: Speaking of which, how’s my Pichu doing? I’ve moved Mewtwo over to my Diamond Game.
    And on the topic of the podcast, NATE LILES has a beautiful singing voice.

  6. @Ken: I regret asking you for Mewtwo now! Perhaps I will reconsider. Mewtwo is a kingly gift and I cannot in good conscience accept it in any sort of unequal trade.

    And honestly, I forgot to pick up Pichu–BUT I WILL DO THAT TODAY when I am on the way to Heather’s house. Depending on how late you are awake/online (it will be a few hours from now), I may be able to trade it over to you tonight!

    I must consider anew what I want. I will probably ask for something much less rare. If you have AIM you can IM me (grab the info from my Facebook), or I can just send you a message via the stupid Facebook Message Inbox Mail System thing. We can hammer out the details there.

  7. (13:58:45) Virginia Herrell: Podcast is scary
    (13:58:49) Caspius: How so?
    (13:58:55) Virginia Herrell: So
    (13:58:58) Virginia Herrell: Much
    (13:59:02) Virginia Herrell: Penis

  8. the was the most complex description of a pocket pussy I’d ever heard. I wonder who invented that and how many cancers he could have cured if he wasn’t dicking around with tenga.

    also, the flip hole frightens me. why the fuck is there a USB chord? the more I look at it the more horrible things I imagine happening to my penis.

  9. @Nate: Please do not tell me you actually picked up the masturbation counter game. Or at least tell me you also got the heat-power-storage device thing so you can solve the nation’s energy crisis.

  10. Another fine work of art! Nate’s finest performance.
    Just a note that you filed this in features, not podcasts!

  11. I think the obvious benefit of having a terminal interface to the Tenga Egg is that you can set a cron job to run every hour on the hour using stored energy from previous sessions. Then, you can watch your fap-count SKYROCKET! THAT’s you win Super Fun Masturbation Challenge Time (also, I could think of a few jokes about “integer overflow” here, but I’ll refrain).

  12. Ubisoft’s DRM is absolutely retarded. If they keep this DRM in, I will boycott anything they produce from now on. They were already on my shit list because they published that steaming pile called Lunar: Dragon Song.

    I really enjoyed the new Ace Attorney game, too. I finished it on Saturday. I could barely put it down.

    And yeah, FFV is light years better than III. III is a terrible, terrible game. Probably the worst in the series. FFII isn’t the best either, but it’s better than III.

  13. @Oyashiro: Remind me to never come to your house for Easter.

    @DCS: Agrees about the DRM. Like somebody said on the podcast (can’t remember who, sorry :F), when my internet goes out, the first thing I do is hit up games. And I’m in the same boat as Jenifer for FFIII. It’s the only mainline FF game I haven’t played in some incarnation, so I might as well play it at some point just to be a completionist, no matter how bad it is.

  14. @Darth: That’s me. Games are my internet-substitute. And don’t believe them, at least III has a working system. II is just a failure in every way.

    @Breaka: ‘Dicking around with tenga’ hahahaha!

    @Dan: Ubisoft sucks. I hate them.