MAP Episode 33: Oktoberkast


Download Link: Produced 2009.10.04

The Podcast returns from a technology-enforced holiday with a (nearly) full-staff, special, double-length, deluxe edition–complete with German Beer! Bust out the pretzels, crank up the polka, don your alpine hat and lederhosen, and listen now!


  1. Nate Liles for sure. I’m completely convinced that he’s 100% German.

  2. I vote Ethan.

    Sure, he fails in a truly epic manner, but that’s a truly epic beer.

    Also, why’s Oliver always look angry?

  3. Curse you, Evil Paul! I was going to vote Ethos, but now I’ll just look like a follower. I vote for Ashley instead, even though we all know NATE LILES automatically wins everything, just my nature of being NATE LILES.

    – Apparently everybody thinks I’m much more dedicated than I actually am. I’d love to say I got a gold Chocobo before the end of disc 1, but truth be told, you can get Great Gospel just fine with the buggy and the Junon ferry.

    – For the 360 video recording, there might be copyright concerns with people perhapse recording cutscenes and posting them on Youtube or passing them around or whatever. Granted, there’s no such system in place right now, and that doesn’t prevent every cutscene from ending up on youtube anyway, so not sure if that’s even really a factor.

    – I can’t help but compare the Wii 4.2 update to Windows Genuine Advantage. Just thought I’d share

    – I think I get what Peter Molyneux’s trying to say when he talks about the first episode (or whatever) of Fable 2 not being a “demo” exactly. It seems like his main point is he wants characters to be able to carry their progress over from Episode 1 into their full playthrough. I’ve heard from a few people (citation needed) that MS won’t allow saving on 360 demos, so he needs to call it something else.

    – @SN: That sucks about Aerith taking all your materia and such with her. That didn’t happen to me (at least I’m pretty sure it didn’t), but there are a few spots where it looks like the code behind the materia inventory system isn’t quite as robust as it should be. There’s been a few playthroughs where, when Yuffie steals all the party’s materia, there’s been a few random pieces left behind, just shuffled around randomly. Never found out how exactly that part works, but it’s something that’s always interested me.

  4. Bah-ha ha ha, I love that I’m getting votes despite being ineligible.
    And Nate: You don’t REMEMBER sleeping with me.

  5. So, if Ethan is the only one who gets votes, despite being disqualified, doesn’t he still win? Like when dead guys win elections in Lousiana or wherever?

  6. @Johnathan- I think Clix may have missed the tutorial that tells you that you’re allowed to change the camera controls from the awful touch screen to the shoulder buttons, otherwise I can’t figure out what his problem with them could be …

    -Oh an I think MC only eats WRPGs.

  7. @Thea: Any time! Don’t tell the others, but you’re the reason I listen to the podcast, anyway :F.

    @SN: Does that mean you can play KH:DN without using the touch screen? That would be awesome, since it would be even longer that I could put off buying a screen protector for my DSi.

    @EvilPaul: I think that policy unfairly descriminates against people who aren’t Ethos. How about we change it to be “people banging Oliver on a regular basis can’t be voted for”?

  8. @DG- Yes, you have to use the screen to begin, but after a couple of missions you can change it to shoulder buttons.

    @Caspius- The game de-equips her Materia but she buggered off with my Dragon Armlet!

  9. @SN – Multiple camera options are mentioned, his issue was that the R button is used for locking on AND camera in both cases, which is true. However, I still don’t see it as an issue in the many hours I’ve played.

    @Darth – You don’t HAVE to use the touch screen, but it’s preferable for panel manipulation.

  10. Well the fact that he knew what he was doing makes his criticisms even more foolish, any retard should be able to double-click the R button, provided that they’re gifted with two opposable thumbs.

    Sounds like he was just trying to make up reasons not to like the game.

  11. Well perhaps I should go rogue and say Oliver, but I’ve tried that beer and its a little to metallic after tasty for me.

    What say you Nate?
    Is the beer malty or hopsy?
    It sure looks expensive.

    They have this beer in Washington (I’m sure its elsewhere too) called Dale’s Pale Ale that’s 10.70 a six pack. My friend likes to drink it to say that he has good taste in beer. In reality, 3 years ago he was shoplifting malt liquor, when he could of just as easily stole the more expensive microbrews. Go figure.

  12. People not voting for Ethos obviously have inverted and crazy tastes and shouldn’t be counted towards the total!

  13. I vote Nate. I don’t know a damn thing about beer but Nate looks happier holding his so it must be better.

  14. Gotta go with NATE LILES. but only because Motok’s room is too dull. TOO DULL!

  15. @TumbleCheck: But if you look closely, the second NATE LILES pic looks like it may be in a bathroom, and those are always more exciting. Can’t really hold that against the Montok.

  16. I would take pictures of my room right now to prove that yes it IS better than Fuckfacetok’s, but it is very messy.

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