MAP Episode 27: Gotta Catch ‘Em All


Download Link: Produced 2009.08.16

Caspius tries in vain to keep Bup and Ginia on the rails in this PKMN-packed podcast which covers mad bets, classless updates, disappointing sales, and–of course–the Ashes!


  1. Sometimes it seemed like I was the only one interested in MAG, if only on a purely technical level. Thanks for proving me wrong, MAP!

  2. -I’d vote for Streets of Rage.

    -Whaaaaat the Ashes didn’t make the top ten?!!?

    -Well Wolfenstein should look a little dated, it’s using the Doom 3 engine. Manvir will never have to pay up.

    -@Nate- I imagine that Madden is on more consoles than CoD, giving it a bit of an advantage, CoD will have longer legs though.

    -I wonder if his offer is world wide?

  3. -Sega takes the George W. Bush approach to failure.

    -Gabe Newell hates the PS3, if he was just indifferent to it then why would he bring it up every chance he gets?

    -Cricket FTW!!!

    -Shadow Hearts II is pretty good :D, I’d say better than Disgaea, great battle system and amazing design for implimenting the customisation of Yuri’s various forms.

  4. @SN: Ashes didn’t make the top ten because those are the monthly numbers for July, when it had not been released yet.

    We won’t have the monthly numbers for August until after the end of the month.

  5. @SN: It will probably make the top ten for August, as will Dissidia and Madden 2010, and probably (sadly) Wii Sports Resort.

  6. In any other time Wii Sports resort would crash and burn but in this wii infested world of 40 year old moms and grandmas playing video games it does sadly!
    in the outtakes i didnt know the song was that long wow and i was like the biggest pokemon fan when that was on.
    BTW for those of you who dont know i am Pierson Stone

  7. My prediction for next month is that the combined might of Madden and Wii shovelware will crowd Ashes Cricket out of the top ten.

    BTW anyone heard the the full unabridged Zero Punctuation intro music, I was shocked by how much better it gets than the 20 seconds of generic chaff they took from it as the opening.

  8. Next week’s outtakes should be the Team Rocket song. :D

    It’s even MORE better. :D

  9. I think next week’s outtakes should be prank phonecalls to Oliver and Ethan. :D

  10. @SN – That WOULD be a great idea except my phone has gone and ACTUALLY broke, not just run out of batteries.

  11. @NooB: Considering many GameStops have over like 150 reserves on COD: MW2 and not even half that many on Madden, I think COD will win.
    Madden comes out on everything except the DS.

  12. Yeah you’re probably right. I just suspected that the balance would be skewed by Madden releasing on the portables and possibly even the PS2 or Iphone (I don’t know what it was released on, it just strikes me as one of those games that releases on everything).

  13. Re. Outtakes, I am actually working on my own little ‘feature project’ which will be unveiled if not this week, then hopefully next week.

    I feel certain you will all enjoy it very, very much. Unfortunately, it takes rather a lot of time, and right now I am extremely busy. Nevertheless, you can count on me to finish it as soon as possible, unlike a certain Canadian homosexualist which we know of.

  14. Well if it’s half as good as Nate Wins then I look forward to it with fervent anticipation.

  15. Ugh i lost my DS copy of Rhapsody and CANT find it its GONE! should i just get a used replacement copy and no im not gay

  16. Could the misplacement of Rhapsody really be construed as a loss?

    I’m sure the side of your brain that is not completely insane probably sleepwalked it into your garbage disposal.

  17. idk what happened to it it was in my carry one one sec then as i was putting it away i saw it was no long there so i have spent 3 days looking for it and its 12.99 used 14.99 new at gamestop
    Nate if u can get it for more i will pay u back and i can get girls (who r over 18) that u can bone!!!

  18. I’m a professional Not Completer! In EVERY sense of the word. Yes, even that sense.

    @SN – Yes, and that’s the eventual plan. But phones cost money.

  19. @Blizmage: You forget, though, NATE LILES has already slept with every woman in the world, so your promises of barely legal bosoms will fall on deaf ears.

    @Caspius: I tried adding you on steam, but you seem to be invisible to the search function. Curse you and your trickery

    @Bup: You said to add you on XBL, but I didn’t catch your handle, and I’m too lazy to go back and find it in previous episodes (I think you’ve mentioned it at some point before).

    If anybody wants to add me, I’m DarthGibblet on XBL and PSN, and I’m pretty sure that’s my Steam ID as well, although that could just be my alias, I forget what exactly I set up as what. I don’t play too many multiplayer games, but it happens every so often :D.

    @Ethos: Just communicate with smoke signals. It worked for hundreds of years, why stop now?

  20. @DarthGibblet: My account name is Caspius. You can just add that without searching. I’ll have to approve it, though.

    If you still want to search, you can search for my current handle: Quick Man. This will turn up lots of people who aren’t me, and one person who is.

    Alternatively, you can tell me your account name and I’ll add you myself!

    Also, Bup’s XBL is Bup6518 unless I am much mistaken. I could turn the ‘box on and look it up, but I’m far too goddamned lazy.

  21. Yeah, that’s my XBox name. Now Darth and I are Live Friends! My PSN name is NateLiles if anyone wants to add me.

    Oh, and there’s no way in hell I’m helping ANYONE get a copy of Rhapsody.

  22. thanks bup I’m over it now I will find it one day
    so Nate I got to ask u this but do u walk with a limp like an old school pimp or real old G?

  23. I’d like to announce that I have TWICE the nerd points Bup does in Sneak King.

    Oh, and @Caspius: The interface is really nice, it pretty much lets you do anything you can do from the dashboard without having to actually turn the 360 on, perfect for us lazy asses. Unfortunately, the PSN online interface doesn’t look like it has an add friend option, so I’ll have to add Bup next time I’m online and thinking about it.

  24. Yeah it was me that added you on xbox bup. However my internet for my Xbox has been down as of late because my router broke but I look to get a new D-link one soon!