MAP Episode 16: Oliver’s Operatic Pentecast

The pinnacle of American technology.
The pinnacle of American technology.

Download Link: Produced 2009.05.31

The panel is prepared to preview the pending E3 production. Lesser-known favourites are discussed along with the news, and the Summer of IX feature is announced. Whether it’s Nier, Farcry, or Midway, this episode has it all!


  1. -Mmmmm I’m a big fan of wine from glasses.

    -Lol in Australian we have the Principality of Hutt River, ruled by H.R.H. Prince Leonard.

    -You made Caspius believe something related to a Zelda mini-game or some such.

    -I’m very dissapointed in Oliver and Bup for never going through with their TF2 plans.

  2. -I played through a goodly portion of Ledgend of Dragoon but the abhorent translation eventually turned me away, the graphics were on par with FFVII though.

  3. -If everyone is content to wait for the Fallout Game of the year edition then they can just pick up a disc with all of the DLC included, I think I’ll wait for that.

    -Nier is being developed by Cavia so it isn’t really a SE game, and may end up just being a spiritual sequel to the Drakenguard games. Also the new Front Mission game is being developed by Double Helix, yuck!

    -I didn’t think DoCs story really had much of anything to say.

    -I spoke too soon about Nate and Oliver, now I’m only dissapointed in Nate.

    -I think Infamous looks awsome, I’ll get it in a few days.

    -Windwaker sounds much better than Majora’s Mask.

    -I won’t be able to keep up with the FFIX playthough as I have a ton of uni work this month and Star Ocean 4 and Tales of Vesperia are also coming out in June, guess I’ll just have to try really hard to remember.

    -Oh hey did everyone know that FFVII is coming to the US PSN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I completed Legend of Dragoon. It was a nice game, with better graphics than FF7 but worse than FF8. The voice acting was horrid for me even back then when I wasn’t as biased as I am now. Don’t go back to it Nate, checking some cutscenes at youtube made me realize it was worse than I remembered it.

    Can Valkyria Chronicles still be counted as a game that did poorly with over 500k sold worldwide and still having staying power in the charts? I could swear I read an article saying the Producer saying he was interested in making another one too.

  5. Yeah I read that too, it actually sounded fairly promising.

  6. Actually since you bring up drinking protocol, I must recount a highly amusing experience I had several years ago, wherein I observed a fat drunk bogan chick drink a foul mix of different cask wine dregs (Both red and white) from a bucket. Not the type of person one would typically invite to a dinner party.

    It would seem that while American white trash put considerable ammounts of effort into devising new ways to be lazy, Australian white trash on the other hand expend proportional levels of exertion proving their utter lack of class through great feats of base grotesquery.

  7. Oh, by the way, the thing that Oliver and Nate made Caspius believe was that Tetra’s Trackers became The Twilight Princess after “adding a couple of things to it”. Man, that was hilarious.

  8. @Eypon: I’m unsure where you got 500k from; I can’t find any evidence to support that it’s sold that much.

    Also, the game’s producer, Ryutaro Nonaka, has publicly stated that he’d LIKE to make a sequel. This is hardly a confirmation, nor is it even that promising given the low sales for the game. Ryutaro Nonaka is not Sega.

    Hope I’m wrong, though.

  9. Considering P4 sold around 500K, a damn fine number for an Atlus game, I can’t say it’s little known. As to Earthbound, I always thought it saw a resurgence when SNES emulation started booming, along with the release of the NES Earthbound Zero rom.

  10. What was Oliver doing at the end of the podcast? O.o

    Also, I have FF9, so I may pick it up again as I don’t remember it very well, but did like it when I played it about 10 years ago.

  11. just started FF IX. I’m manning up and sticking with this. Should be a good time.