MAP Episode 10: MasterChef’s DSCast

Download Link: Produced 2009.04.19

Our special guest joins the panel as we begin a two-week investigation into handheld gaming. The Nintendo DS is discussed whilst the DSi receives both scorn and praise. Finally, blockbuster news rounds out the equation. Listen now!


  1. Investigations = Inspector

    Nintendo = Gadget

    Crazy shenanigans better ensue or we are going to be taking a trip to the Glue factory! And your not invited!

    *Starts download*

    *Starts humming Inspector Gadget Theme song*

    Go, Gadget, Go!

  2. Inspector Gadget was a cartoon show about a bionic police officer whose mechanical parts never seemed to work right, so his genius niece and her dog always solved the crimes for him.
    It was out when you were like 50, Caspius, so I understand why you don’t get it.

  3. Yeah, this is another one of those shitty analogies that seem to be en vogue nowadays. Seriously, that has nothing to do with anything at all, Oyashiro.

  4. Yeah, I had no idea why it was mentioned, but I couldn’t pass up a chance to reference the best Inspector Gadget cover available!
    And let’s face it, irrelevant or not, there’s never a bad time to bring up Inspector Gadget.

  5. Evilpaul: Nope. I downloaded via iTunes earlier today and it was fine. Not sure what the problem would be.

  6. Nah, I posted that before I even listened to the damn thing. I just had finished Inspector Gadget on Youtube right before. And Ethos is right for a change, Inspector Gadget makes everything better… Well… except for the movie >_>…

    Oh and Silent Hill is better than Resident Evil, I’m excluding SH5 and RE5 as they both sucked by the way.

  7. Silent Hill 1-3 >>>>>>> Resident Evil. SH5 and RE5 do indeed suck balls.

  8. SH4 was actually pretty good, The ending was great. It just got off onto a really slow start. Plus the MC sounded slow in the head >_>.

    “Huh?……………..The line is cut…………”

  9. SH4 had some positive aspects but some of the changes made ruined it such as the lack of dark environments. Despite Team Silent’s little hiccup I do not believe the series will come right until they return to a development role.

  10. Use Nintendos balance board to measuere your theton. I’m sure Opera has done it.

  11. Lollollolthighmaster you need to mave Mastercheif on again besides you, he’s the only other guy more glas half empty than myself, I love it.

  12. Resident Evil 5 is nowhere near as good as RE4, Shevas AI is beyond retarded it is absolutely fucking stupid, its a fucking abomination what a shitload of fuck, RE5 chockes on mongloid dick. Don’t fucking choke it it’s not worth it (better than wow though).

  13. I love point and click adventure games (not when they’re connected to Indiana Jones though)

  14. Man I brushed Almas tit and then I went heeheehee and then I played her ass. oh heah.

  15. A funny story that is a testament to the DS lite’s durability…

    One time I was at my friends house and I set my backpack against the wall. My DS was in the upper pocket and my friend moved my backpack against a baseboard heater, unbeknown to me . 9 hours later, the electric heating unit had burned my backpack upper pocket where my DS was resting. I looked at it and the plastic by the gba port had started to crack and my gba FF6 had been melted, but oddly enough was still intact.

    I started my system and both screens were black besides some colored portion in the corners of the screen but after about a minute they cleared up and it worked perfectly. Even FF6 still works with all the original save files intact.

    You can at least say the DS was built well to last certain extreme conditions…

    Great cast guys, its good to hear Masterchief put his opinions to sound!

  16. @El_Hefe – and the DS isn’t even the most durable Nintendo system. My original Gameboy survived a Canadian winter in my backyard.

    @Silicon – AMAZING, please always drunk comment. This should become a feature.

  17. I would be on the Cat fancy drunk thread but it bored me so I thought I’d annoy you people with my abuse of the english language XD.

  18. @Ethos I comment sober and unable to figure out iTunes! Unsubscribe and resubscribing seems to have fixed it. I still can’t figure out how to write a review though, it keeps asking for my credit card. :x

  19. Actually it was quite intentional. I know Jefe means chief or boss but I am neither. It was a nickname given to me because my real name is Jeff. I just spelled it like it sounds to an American or a British person to avoid any delusions of grandeur on my part. No sir I’m not conceited or presumptuous enough to refer to myself as a chief…. Jokes, jokes….I promise…